Friday, 29 July 2011

Room with a view.

I used to photograph things, now I just seem to photograph the view from my bedroom!

These are the views from yesterday morning and just a few minutes ago.


  1. It's a little greyer down here and our view can't compete ....

  2. sometimes we get flotillas of balloons floating by, but it would still be nice to see the occasional ship. Crikey, that platform's legs are in the clouds!

  3. Well that was not there the last time I looked! I hope they did not try to go under the Tay bridges! You may not get to do much photgraphy these days but the results are good when you do.

  4. Looks very poetic to me. I'm jealous you can see the sea from home, all I see is rabbits, pheasants and squirrels.

  5. It's all go where you are by the looks of it. The evening one looks peaceful.


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