Monday, 11 July 2011

Un-ladylike work.

Scottish summer!
After two poor wet summers I thought the chances of a dry one would be reasonable. Last year the garden table never even came out of storage for the summer but it has this year. Yesterday we were out drinking coffee after our breakfast thinking that it was almost hot enough to bring out the summer hats we bought in Germany just before the cold and rain started. We were talking about the plans I had for the garden work after I had oiled the table top. The moment the last drop of oil went on it started to rain hard from a near black sky!
Much of the time I have been working on the driveway until it goes dark just after ten then sleep like the dead! I must be burning a few extra calories and have lost nearly seven pounds since we came back from our trip. I am doing a lot of unlady like labouring and have unearthed the concrete mixer from it’s seven year coma, I don’t remember the bags of sand being this heavy though they do seem to get lighter as the weeks go by. The driveway is worse than I thought with some of the hardcore hanging over voids which have been washed away. It was perhaps a mistake to put the car away in the garage while I set to work with the collected sand and cement and piles of reclaimed gravel, shame that I ran out of material before enough was repaired to be able to escape again! A friendly neighbour was in his rags and had just finished emptying his trailer as I arrived seeking help last Sunday. We made a trip to the DIY depot and loaded up on more sand and cement then I helped him fix up a pergola in his garden in payment as a nice break from the graft in my own. I still dream of one day sitting long summer days, warm in the shade reading or listening to the radio. A girl can dream!
Today was hopeless with overnight rain then just as it became dry enough the sky went black again. Just to be infuriating it stayed mostly dry but threatening enough to not want to start anything useful! Then there would be short bursts of rain to call an end to all hope. If the toilet flush mechanism had not broken to take my mind off things it would have been frustrating. Modern plastic fittings are rubbish, this unit is only six years old and works much worse than the cistern downstairs which is 117 years old!
That is quite new from the 1896 modernisation! The roof is 170 years old and even though I paid out good money about fifteen years ago to have the slates stripped off and the roof re-felted and slated a monsoon rain found it’s way into the bedroom mid week at six am when the wrong kind of drip drip woke me as the drops fell just inches from my hifi. A MAN came to assess the situation in the afternoon and agreed with my diagnosis and we will just have to find the money for a repair to a stupidly designed valley. I asked if my emergency repair using some left over kitchen vinyl and lead pipe (never throw anything away!) was any good, he muttered something about it being better than he could have come up with!
We have a garden party organised for the middle of August, am I anxious yet? No, but if there is not more dry weather soon I might be…
I went to look at the fruit bushes, time for some black currants, none left, the birds have nearly cleared all this years black and red currants and the gooseberries too. This is the first time they have not left more than we need. Next year the fruit cage will be re-netted and they will have to go and torment someone else. I don’t begrudge them a good feed but being that greedy is just not on.
No pictures, just too busy and or tired to take any...

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  1. Unlady like work must be en vogue - I've done a round trip of 400 miles today, towing a 25' trailer, and carrying a tonne of steel work.

    Don't ask...


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