Saturday, 13 August 2011

Half a lifetime on...

I am somewhat amazed.
Half a lifetime ago we signed up to be a couple, Julie did the proposing, and did mention a tax advantage which the government quickly closed, but here we are still together.
How things have changed. I know you are supposed to invite a huge number of people you have never met and probably will never meet again and spend a fortune which you really need to start your new life together on entertaining these people and showing your friends that you can spend far more than they did.
We did not do that. It was not as small and quiet as we planned, in the end the party doubled in size to four since we took our own witnesses. A fabulous meal in a Michelin starred restaurant run by a famous TV chef at the time was followed by a few snaps in the back garden next to the compost heap using a self timer and colour film, the first and one of the very few rolls which ever went through that camera. Then an amorous afternoon before  the evening when a large crowd of friends, who thought the were coming to a birthday party, arrived. It was about half way through the evening, just before the fizzy wine ran out , that my new mother in law proposed a toast to a new happy couple… Much stunned silence as the penny took a while to drop…
No more fancy restaurants, no more fancy wine just something half price from the supermarket and amorous has not happened since last century but we are still together and seem to be happier than for many years now that I am less gloomy and brooding.
We are still trying to have a party, advertised as a garden party this time. It was still a building site this morning since this wettest summer, what summer, has set the work back weeks from expected completion when the invites went out two months ago.
A friend has sent sunshine from Ecuador, I hope it arrives in time...

Site of photographs so long ago, 
Julie contemplated garden party two months hence...


  1. Well done both of you for surviving what is a traumatic change in any of our lives and here's to the other half of your lives. Love and best wishes to you both.

  2. We hit the 6 year marker on Saturday. Like you there have been changes along the way - but the love is there, stronger in almost everyway. Scarifices made on both sides but isn't that what life, and love, is all about?

    I hope the party went well


  3. Thanks for the wishes. For one day only we had summer and the party went like a dream.


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