Thursday, 11 August 2011

Small world...

At an exhibition of some of my work just over two years ago I was approached by a guy who really liked the work and wanted to meet the person who had done it. The subjects wandered off in all directions as we chatted for nearly an hour. He was soon to set off for a year learning to build traditional wooden boats in New England so we were not going to be meeting up again any time soon. I gathered that this time away was a finding himself time after a turmoil in his life and a marriage break up, we shared a taste in melancholic music! It transpired that he played and recorded his own music and before leaving the country posted me a copy of a CD. 
A few days ago while tapping keys on the Mac, up came his music so I did what you do these days and searched for him and quickly found a myspace blog, not somewhere I have been before. The Maine trip was a success and he spent a lot of time there with a new girlfriend then spent a year on the opposite coast with another girl, some lucky guy. Then there was a small snippet about some documentary about changing F2M…
I had not a clue! Here was a really nice guy with sweet but masculine voice, not surprised girls like him. I sent a message and he remembered our conversation and had through the grapevine already had someone mention that I had changed, he was not at all surprised…
He is back visiting for a month or so and has suggested we meet up again, there may even be a concert before his return to the US, I am looking forward too hearing of his adventures in boatbuilding.
He had wondered what I had been doing in the way of work since we met saying that the change had been an inspiration to write music for him. I had just started a new blog under a new name with a lot less words than I write here, if you want something cheery to start the day then follow me and get a new photograph every day. The first was made not far from where the conversation I have written about took place and was made just last week when out with a couple of old friends for the day. In future they could be anything from anywhere and any period over nearly forty years especially when I get a scanner!
The “summer” continues cold and wet with brief cool dry days occurring at random, today was continuous rain as will tomorrow be along with a severe weather warning. The neighbour foolishly drove the ten miles to a small town to shop and had never driven in such horrible conditions and often could hardly see the road for the rain and gloom at midday. I fear it will either rain until Sunday so that the garden is a mess then brighten for a planned party  we are unprepared for or I shall organise the house to squeeze people in and neglect the garden work completely which should guarantee perfect weather but nowhere to go! I could work in the rain and hope for good weather because the house is not organised for a large party. Thank goodness for those two glasses of wine tonight, I don’t seem to be worried...


  1. It is a small world, isn't it?

  2. It is amazing how our lives intertwine with each other. x

  3. Go for the garden option. You have such a nice sheltered place for people to relax and I think that the weather might just be ok. If nothing else, you can spend the next week blaming me for the fact that there was actually a thunderstorm when I said the weather would be ok.


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