Friday, 16 September 2011

Blue sky day.

Perhaps it is just me but the net life which gave me such support and information is no longer the joyful thing it once was. Perhaps it is because my progress has been relativly slow through the transition process allowing so many to race on ahead and vanish. I don't think I shall go like that, better to stay and show that life does go on.
This strange summer has definitely passed, the geese are honking overhead and the browning leaves are already blowing about in the tail end of a hurricane. No matter which way the wind blows most of the leave in the street end up in front of our house…
After a season trying to finish some needed hard landscaping to aid access round the garden trying ti find enough dry days to manage it bit by bit I am left with just a short section of driveway to finish before I give up for this year. The wind and rain do occasionally give way to a warmish sunny day with endless blue skies and the last week or so has been taken up with being sociable and the sunny days occurred just when needed. A picnic on the beach then a day in the highlands with two other couples and yesterday     a beautiful crisp clear day in a perfectly preserved riverside village with our friend Louise. Some of the village has been preserved by the National Trust and in the excellent introductory video it was pointed out that what is now so peaceful and picturesque was once a hive of dirty smoky industry much like the Grangemouth oil refinery far across the Firth of Forth. Quite the steepest garden I have ever visited and with a southern aspect gave us a comfortable place to bake in the sunshine before adding to the honesty box for fresh garden produce. If Julie had actually picked up the tomatoes which she had waxed lyrical about and for which I paid generously I would be a lot happier! I suspect we shall be having a lot of pumpkin soup next week!

Julie & Louise

True to form today is cold wet and windy. I am interested to see how my cheery mood stands up to the impending winter and long days of gloom. I hope that this will be the first winter without a real dip, my old depression seems like a distant dream.
We shall be making a short road trip later in the autumn to visit some family and friends and to attend a first consultation at the hospital where Scottish gender patients generally get their treatment. The process still feels less than certain with the added complications of age and health, I doubt that I shall really be convinced that it will work until I see the stitches being pulled out. Don’t hold breath, this is still some way off in the future and no doubt some interesting hair removal to be done before that...


  1. As always, your photos are works of art while mine are mere snaps. They are a lovely reminder of a wonderful day out.

  2. Yes, I know what you mean about differing timescales, transient acquaintances moving on, ships in the preverbal night. Life is what goes on in the meantime.

  3. I love the photos. This summer has been a strange one. Can't help wondering what the winter will bring.

  4. Anji , I hate to think about it...


Many thanks to all who ever joined in the conversation and to those who took the time to follow my zig zag to a new life..

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