Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Just heading off for a family visit. I have been joking for weeks that the miserable excuse for a sumer will turn warm and sunny the moment I leave like it did in the spring and lo and behold that is exactly what is about to happen...

Net contact can be a bit ropey where we are heading so don't expect a lot of comments or posts.

In the past I would pack in a few minutes, my disguise was almost constantly the same fine trousers and tee shirt or pullover top, only the colours changed so it was simply a case of grabbing some which happened to be clean and be off. 

Now there are just so many choices!! And a baggage allowance that is less than I could carry!! Thank goodness I have so little money for clothes or I could find it too difficult to choose and have to stay home...


  1. I hope that the weather will be lovely where you are going .... and will probably last longer than the sun will here.

    As for thd clothes ... I am sure that before too long there will be far too many to choose from.

    Bon Voyage

  2. In theory if you are going where I think you are going, you are heading for a heatwave for at least another week. whatever you pack I bet you don't use half of it

    Have a great time


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