Friday, 23 September 2011

Melissa Alison Price.

Just the other day a 0.87€ stamp fluttered out of my handbag where it had been since I had purchased it along with its siblings in April while in France. That is £1 or $1.5 and they had been acquired to send post cards to one special friend who had retired early to the Piedmont in Virginia. The stamp had hardly hit the ground when I opened an email from a long lost net friend who had decided to seek me out and pass on the bad news that she had been searching for our mutual friend only to discover that she had departed this life a month before, just one month short of what would have been her 63 birthday. I had not long ago posted an old fashioned letter to her country hideaway knowing that post was being redirected. It had been written with dread and clearly said that I fully expected that it would be her sister who would be reading this years birthday greetings. 

I asked for some sign of Melissa’s fate to be able to pass a message on to the endless posters of messages of concern.
My € stamps had been to send postcards of the European journey, she said that few items of real post fell into her mailbox and this was our little game on these trips. Being away from the net much of the time away it was a chance net hookup in the middle of nowhere about a month into the trip when I sent a message one evening asking if she was OK, her net activity had been a little different from what we normally expected when I had been reading online, her comments kept us going after all. A message came back immediately and we did an online chat which she had said she would never do preferring our exchange of long emails. Out came the saga of going to one of her regular family Monday meals forty miles from her sanctuary and ending up in hospital! The saga sounded horrendous and lacking in any real longterm hope of returning to her old life.
For such a private person to have to suffer the hell of her treatments and the well meaning ministrations of her 90 year old mother while trapped with little stimulation and no outlet for the personality we all knew and loved whilst in a high rise apartment in the stifling summer heat must have been a sad way to end her time here. Her mother after all had always refused to accept the Melissa we knew...
I was shell shocked, we were like online sisters and there was nothing I could say or do to help. The final card from the French part of the trip could now never be sent, what could I write?
Those last four months must have felt like an eternity and the replies to my attempts to keep her amused became rarer and shorter as she spent more time under morphine and she kept falling asleep at the keyboard. Somehow even in the darkest moments she managed to slip in one of her trademark quips to show that her spirit was not yet broken but the suffering could not be hidden.
She only made one brief return visit to her sanctuary in the woods and I am sure she knew she would never be able to manage the effort required to live there ever again or ever again be able to live out her life as our Melissa.
I have lost many of my closest family and friends but the tears shed over this new loss exceed all those previous tears combined. My twin soul is no longer suffering the slings and arrows of this cruel world and that is my only comfort.

Melissa Alison Price. 21 September 1948 - 20 August 2011.


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  2. She was a beautiful person. I had the good fortune to correspond with her for a while before she passed away. Her inner strength and loving approach to a world that not always was kind always inspired awe in me. I will miss her.

  3. Like you said, she always had something nice to say. I wished to her one time, that if we ever get to meet face to face that I was going to give her the biggest hug ever! People like her are rare in this world.

    At one time she had confessed to me that she is not one of a religious nature however, quoted me a piece from the bible to help comfort me at a time that I needed it.

    I too, am not a religious person, and I say this with all sincerity.

    The lord has retrieved one of his true gifted, Angels.

    She is sincerely missed.

  4. I knew this was coming, but I'm still so sad to hear the bad news. I exchanged the odd email with Melissa. I once even proposed visiting her, if I ever undertook a trip to the US. Now nothing more is possible.

    It's so soon after her favourite sister died too. Who or what arranges these tragedies?


  5. I wasn't surprised by the news, but it still shook me. She was always very kind to me in her correspondence and comments. I feel like we have lost one of the pillars of our corner of the internet.

    This was a lovely tribute, Caroline.

  6. Such beautiful words you found Caroline. We have all lost a friend. For you Melissa was so much more.
    So very sorry.

  7. She clearly left her mark in many of our lives. She clearly will be missed.

  8. Beautiful things said of a beautiful person. Thank you.

    Shirley Anne xxx

  9. I hadn't been keeping up with Melissa's blog and only just learnt that she was ill. Her comments were always so kind and helpful.

    I'm sorry to read such sad news

  10. Just got to this and read the news. I didn't really know her, though read her posts for years and visited and posted on her blog sometimes...she seemed like a good soul.

    I'm sorry to hear the news Caroline.

  11. Caroline, I'm so sorry I missed this post. You have told me a lot that I was unaware of. Now, I'm getting a better picture as to why she did not reply to my emails in the last month or so of her life.

    I was just beginning to clear my head from an event that truly affected me in many ways. Now, I'm in tears again.

    Thanks so much for this post.

    Calie xxx


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