Monday, 5 September 2011

Near naked woman running round the garden!

Red Polo Through window.
Quite a while since the last post, grinding on through this autumnal weather which passes for summer this year and slows so much down.
It has not been boring, far from it. Numerous memorable things have happened, many I have probably forgotten already but others are harder to forget. So was the most memorable glancing out of the upstairs window to find my recently retired neighbour chasing her happy yappy dog around the garden while she herself was only wearing a pair of floral knickers, or could it have been finally giving in and letting a man get on top and finding it difficult to relinquish control, or could it be finding ourselves low on ready cash having found a second hand low mileage car for sale after we had decided not to bother trying to buy a new one when our savings plummeted in value almost overnight, or was it something completely different?
The neighbour has lived there for about twenty years and for some of those years we had not seen her once, now we see so much of her! She must be mad! I love letting the sun occasionally warm my whole body but not once this year, she is going to catch a chill like that!
This is the sad end to an era of colour. The colour red. In the past thirty years getting a car has usually just been deciding between wee polo or golf, depending on various circumstances it has ranged from extremely frugal to tyre squealingly quick. The one constant has been the choice of colour, the brightest lipstick red available and by some miracle it was always there on the colour chart. We had finally decided we needed more room to carry age related aids and something higher off the ground to help with access. Friends had a Citroen which has been a great success carrying huge quantities of stuff for an enormous distance and is still going well so we set off to find what the current model was like with the knowledge that we had the foresight to put away money starting thirty years ago just to be able to buy ourselves something like this just when we would need it most. 
We had a test drive and it was comfortable and takes what we need to carry with ease so we sat down to see how we could get one, it would have to be ordered and take six to eight weeks… 

So would we like one? 
Yes a red one. 
That will be £440 extra!! 
What! So what is the standard choice? 
White and what else? 
Just white!! 
We have never seen a white one. 
Nobody seems to want white!! Perhaps we could be flexible on the cost of colour since you seem so upset!!! 
So how much for reversing sensors as shown on page “X” of the brochure? 
To get that you have to have automatic folding mirrors and cruise control all in a package. 
So how much would that be? 
No idea!! 
They have not told us yet and will not be available until the end of the year at the earliest!! 
So how about the opening window in the tailgate, that would be handy for through ventilation when out picnicking and for loading the boot to capacity without stuff falling out? 
That is reasonable and available now. 
Great, so it is not part of some insane package? 
No, you just get blackened windows, two on each side and the rear so that you look like some mafia hit squad and can’t see out well!! 
How much does one of these cost? 
A small fortune and we will not offer you much for that cute red Polo with low mileage either. 

At this point Julie is bored and exasperated and just wants it to be over and says just order it, I say it will take most of the savings and I want to see the money in our hands before we say yes, remember three years ago when we tried to look for a new car, the economy collapsed while we were away on holiday and the savings were no longer enough. That will not happen twice says Julie!!!...
Obviously that was a few weeks ago so imagine my surprise having already given up on the idea of changing to find that we had agreed to buy a cheaper secondhand low mileage similar Peugeot. People will leap out and try and stop us for a lift since so many are now used as taxis round here. Obviously we could not choose the colour but it is not white or grey or black or silver which make the roads so dull these days, it is a sort of dark blue and has few creature comforts. We get it in 12 hours time. No more cute cars, no more red…
I met this guy a few weeks ago and he seemed nice and quite keen and interested and looked fit. Then sadly he did not answer my calls, two messages is my limit, I am not going to go begging! Then all of a sudden he appears on the doorstep and makes a date! Then he fails to turn up of course but soon calls again to make another, men!! I have just never done this kind of thing before and do find it hard, near impossible actually, to submit to control, especially to a guy. Finding him on top and not knowing what he wanted to do next had me nearly a nervous wreck, if he tells me what he is up to and lets me help a bit I am ok but letting him just do what he wants was just not on. He admitted that he nearly did not come that day but in the end was back in the afternoon for more and was soon back on top again! I could hardly believe it. That leak had been worrying me for months.
Only forty years since I first saw a doctor about not being the boy everyone thought I should be I have a first consultation appointment, confirmation letter in the post. Shame we did not know that we would buy a newer car since we had booked a couple of cheap flights to get a couple of weeks late summer sun in France. We could have driven there again and passed by the hospital where the appointment is on the way back five hundred miles south of here. The appointment is just days after we return, probably fly right over it!

A Peugeot built like a tank.


  1. Is that Columbo's Peugeot?

    We recently retired our 18 year old Renault five and bought a new After getting myself stuck in the back of a Twingo and starting to struggle with 'the five' it is so nice to step out gracefully.

    We've been going on a few more trips too, as it is such a pleasure to drive. So much has changed in the last 18 years as far as cars are concerned.

    I hope the sun shines for you next time you cone over.

  2. I like how you sneaked the BIG news in at the end. Had I not known about it I would have missed it.


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