Friday, 14 October 2011

I was a life model today...

The net croaked in and out of consciousness here this morning as I tried to finish reading then comment on  Dru's blog about the absurd difficulty of attending an art class with her daughter. It made me just want to rip my clothes off and wander off into the wilds so that is practically what I did, taking me back to exactly where this blog began some years ago.
The irony struck me, as I spent an hour and a half on a long wander through the surf before going in for a swim, that I feel no anxiety or embarrassment about being on the beach with my hybrid body. As free as I felt there in the past it was always slightly tinged with embarrassment, not at being naked but as not being my true self, to all intents and purposes everyone would have seen an androgynous long haired male, rare on that beach but not unknown.
It is mid October and still warm here, upper twenties centigrade eighty fahrenheit, and there are still quite a few specimens out there on the beach to examine. As strange as we may consider ourselves we exist well within the range of human expression though perhaps those of us who are less than ideal find nakedness better than being trussed up in costumes which just emphasize our short comings and end up more comfortable on the naturist beaches! One woman my age or older strode past me with an energetic gait which could only be described as masculine whilst I "skipped" along. For many and especially single women it seems to be an infinitely safer place than the regular beaches...

The kind of school I was sent to could be a bit like a boot camp at times and there was no point being shy about your evolving body or you would soon be a target for humiliation, some things you learn quickly! I felt little ownership of the shell I inhabited much like a hermit crab, it would have to do until I grew out of it. Being naked on the beach was actually liberating by not having to wear a male beach uniform which branded you it was possible to be yourself and feel free for those brief hours... 

Not to mention not having to lie about in a soggy costume!

Life modelling is hard work! All I had to do was hold a wine glass while my niece drew a design for a ceramic tile, a job you would think I was trained well for with all the wine I have drunk, but even though it was empty it weighed a ton by the time she was finished and all the muscles ached like you can't imagine. She did not need me to disrobe... 


  1. There's a section of beach somewhere along the Brighton seafront that naturists can use, but if you feel like a nude plunge into the freezing English Channel, then I'll watch while you plunge. No possible inducement will get me into that cold sea!


  2. My friend Mal somehow ended up on the naturist section of Studland Bay, so they all joined in the nakedness. Pig the dog got all confused; she'd obviously lost some of the cues that she uses for identifying Mal in a crowd, and went off with the wrong naked person in the queue for naked ice creams...

    Funny, our different approaches; I took refuge in baggy clothes, and couldn't bear being naked. Now my selkf-consciousness is more about being rather overweight...

  3. I've never fancied the idea myself. Bad memories of school showers.

    I'm so pleased that you've had the good weather. Should be okay for a couple more days then autumn will arrive with a vengence.


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