Tuesday, 17 January 2012

January, staying cheery.


January! Month of cold and colds… I feel fragile and that is the last thing I need right now. So many of our friends have reported failing health recently, some think that is what christmas cards are for! 

The joy of reading books rather than computer screen has been rediscovered.
I feel a little low because I have gained a small amount of weight and lost fitness with spending the last two months dealing with toenails and the restricted walking with the raw toes. I am fine now and ready to get out, I can even get my feet comfortably into each of my two pairs of shoes, more comfortably than I have ever been able to do. My greatest hope is that the treatment to kill the nails works this time and the twisted horny nails never bother me again. 
Until I abandoned shoes for sandals forty years ago it was costing a fortune in shredded socks… With the muscle changes to the feet and the improved toes It might now be easier to find shoes for those occasions when they are needed, they are well over a size down from what they were before! If only it was not frosted on the ground everywhere now I could be out rebuilding some strength and stamina. I am wanting to get out and enjoy my new life…
So many of us spend years, decades, staring into the mirror telling ourselves that change could not possibly work on the raw material we see reflected in the glass. I am still pleasantly surprised when I catch a glance of myself happily going about everyday tasks. There is a sadness associated with transition. You get to know many while they are in this transit camp and get to watch them bloom. Just as they start to become beautiful their need to be here fades and they are gone leaving the memory of yet another miracle. One journey which I have followed posted a video today. For those who think that this can’t possibly work and you will be alone forever have a watch…



  1. I'm not sure that your link works.

    The winter does weigh heavy, especially, I think as we get older.

    I hope that you get to use your neat feet soon on lots of long walks

  2. Anji, the net is a strange and fickle place. What works for one does not always seem to work for everybody...

    I was caught out in the early days so now check that I can make them work before posting and I do know that others have opened it. You with a new laptop too...

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Many thanks to all who ever joined in the conversation and to those who took the time to follow my zig zag to a new life..

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