Friday, 17 February 2012

One week home.

One week of house arrest is over since my return. My how time flies.
I can finally sit comfortably at table to eat a meal, the drain sites in the buttocks have taken a while to heal internally so I spend most of my time semi reclined in a chair or lying on my bed reading. Reading often causes me to pass out, I can sleep at any hour of the day!
In the UK we have a health service free at point of use and  there are times like this when I am glad we do. I have rarely had cause to get anything back for all the tax contributions we have made over our lifetimes but since Monday I have had a daily visit from our district nurse service helping to deal with my patch of failed graft. It is times like this when it is good to have someone reassure you that things which look ghastly are behaving as expected and will heal over in time.
Not being a typical patient they were keen to make sure that they had all relevant information from Brighton then decided that the best plan was to keep the area dry by recathaterisation, this has allowed me two full nights sleep while a prodigious quantity of urine seeps safely into a bag. Interesting how quickly something strange becomes normal!
I am now left to clean up and reapply a dressing several times each day then just potter round the house occasionally helping with food or washing but mostly just feeling tired. Evert day there is a clear improvement, taking an interest in things outside my recovery bubble is a good indicator. They do warn that this is a dramatic procedure with countless things which could lead to a less than perfect recovery or even result. So far mine is a nuisance and a small trial to deal with but I am sure in a few weeks time memory of this time will start to fade and real recovery be foremost in my mind.
Now two weeks post op today’s reward is being able to restart my HRT and soon I shall be free of the hot flushes which have been such a nuisance for these last two months.
Friends and family keep dropping in to visit and deliver odd supplies, Julie escaped for a couple of hours today to do an organised grocery shop so we are well stocked with biscuits for visitors and enough food for the next ten days. Meanwhile I just look out the windows watching the snowdrops come out along with the other signs of early spring. The growing days are cheering me a lot and thoughts are moving towards a possible early summer trip towards the sun...

While still in Brighton I started to tap out a post
which got filed as a draft and lost.

for the sake of honesty about how it feels during
recovery I am adding it here since posting a draft tries 
to put it out as new twenty months on...

10-3-12 Brighton

Many here will remember Melissa and her Meanderings, she could read minds! Once she sent a note saying that she did not want to just read a post saying that I had sneaked off and had a Sex Preference Affirmation  procedure but you have no doubt worked out that is just what I have done.

I has been far from an easy time since the last time I wrote. 
I have no recollection of anyone ever mentioning trapped gas and this gave me 48 hours of great discomfort
That gas took a whole day to finally decide to leave, never been one for loud passing of gas but what a joy when it happened, then it started again!

It would appear that the urethra is tricky to deal with and when it was having the pressure dressing removed it started to bleed… 

How about this for the synopsis for a horror movie? On and off for 18 hours from 3.30 in the afternoon and through the night ( with the gas again!) they apply pressure, sometimes for hours! and it stops then a warm trickle slides its way to the absorbent mat under your bum! Here was me thinking I would never have an intimate encounter ever again but I lost count of the girls who turned up to join in!!

This all started just after my sister left seeing me fairly comfortable and happy and just when I was to post in that mood. Seems 18 hours does not even get on the score board… One girl here had the problem for three days!

Might use some of this in my next short post, don't really want folks to think I have passed away.

Love  Caroline XXX


  1. Oh the joys of SPA treatments!

  2. Congrats, Caroline! Just caught up with your news.

  3. Live it up Caroline and enjoy your rest, there will be plenty of time in the future to get animated! More important for you just now is to relax whilst your wounds heal. Love

    Shirley Anne xxx

  4. I found Hot flushes very useful in the cold weather.

    As you say, soon this will be history. Enjoy the snowdrops.


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