Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Dinosaurs on the road.

Not much sex in this post except the never ending call of some crazy owl on the hill opposite who probably wants a mate so hoots every three seconds for hours on end like an old smoke detector trying to tell you the battery is low, just 100 times louder.
It is a week and a half since we handed over the keys to our home to someone who will look after it better than we will, not kill the plants and make sure that the grass remains a reasonable length… We are on the road visiting sisters and friends along the way.
Cottage in sisters road.

Both my sisters seemed to give seal of approval to my progress, you would think that I had always been their big sister. The four days in Oxfordshire were mostly cool and grey which suits Julie, they were brightened by visits by friends from this corner of the net J & L know who you are and it was a joy for us all to meet up once again.

A trip was made to visit Brighton. What a difference from frozen March! Then I was one of a couple of dozen visitors braving a walk on the beach, three months later there were thousands there in the early evening. Before that we had lunch with our friend Lucy at a National Trust house and garden before following her home through leafy Sussex where we sat in the sunshine chatting before it was time to head off for my checkup appointment at the hospital where I was repaired. 

All seems to be as well as expected though the swelling still has many months left to vanish entirely. With this seal of approval we headed off towards an overnight ferry via the beach.

For three days we took slow roads through France stopping at bed and breakfast places enroute. The first had been a grocers shop and cafe and the ground floor still had many of the original fittings from when you bought everything loose… Second night was deep in the countryside in a small cottage with roses growing round it.
After three days we reached Julie’s sister in the south where we just slipped back into the life and I se too with the gardening and repairs which her husband seems not to notice. They run a restaurant four days a week and rest up if possible tuesday to Thursday so we have been several times to the beach and off buying wine direct from the producers, always fun…
About eighteen months ago I felt a certain coolness towards my change from some here and was not sure if it was going to be a place that I would wish to return to but a lot of defrosting has occured and it once more feels like home from home.



  1. It feels odd to be mentioned in another person's post! Nice photos.

    It must be a relief to feel positively welcomed nowadays. I think that eventually people do drift back into the fold if basically they are reasonable and enjoy your company.


  2. Hoping the rest of your break will be as good as the first part. Enjoy it whilst you can.

    Shirley Anne x

  3. Never seen that dress before, you look fabulous.

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  5. The best part of this post was your comment about the seal of approval from your sisters. Wonderful!!

    And the pictures....I always love them, Caroline, including the picture of you!

    Calie xxx


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