Friday, 10 August 2012

Helping a friend.

I planned to write a six month on post but spent a few nights away enjoying myself instead…

Today I was able to repay my friend .Louise, six months ago on a cold winters night she was kind enough to collect me from the airport on my return from Brighton and deliver me fifty miles home. Today I was able to help her with the move into her new home.

Yesterday had been a day of deliveries few of which arrived on time! A bed had been delivered but the mattress would only be delivered to a ground floor, most bedrooms are on upper floors! Together we soon fixed that problem and now she is able to sleep in her own bed at last.

After a good look round the house with a drink in hand we did the now traditional trip to Ikea. Fun for me who has no money for such purchases and consequently does not have the fun of assembly… Refreshed in their cafe for lunch we headed onward to pick up her car and empty the contents of her temporary home into our two cars before enjoying the delights of Edinburgh ring-road at evening rush hour. 

After unloading a warehouse load of clothes there was the surprise of a deer bounding between our cars and through her front garden! It did not show up again later when we tucked into fish and chips which we ate in the rear garden in the late afternoon sun before we started on the job of turning the contents of many boxes into furniture and the basis of a new home.

It was a joy to see Louise looking joyful as the stresses of the past few weeks have lifted and she finally gets to live her life.


  1. That's so sweet of you to do that for a friend Caroline, even though you were returning a good deed it is still nice. I bet those fish and chips tasted really good after all your efforts, the both of you I mean. Louise is looking really happy in that picture. I noticed there was one Caroline but many Louises! LOL

    Shirley Anne x

  2. You make it sond like an adventure yesterday - oh yes, it was! I slept like a top last night. Thanks again for all your help.

  3. Finally, a business I recognize, lol. Ikea is very close to me. I love the store, but I hate to assemble.


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