Sunday, 18 November 2012

Autumn leaves.



While the weather holds I am doing my best to tidy up the garden here at Bramble Cottage. Last year at this time I was already out of action with a toenail removal and was waiting for the second one to be done. Despite using the phenol on them they are so tough they have not been killed off and have just grown out to full length and their twisted selves are driving me crazy. I could be watching the leaves fall with my feet up if my appointments to get them dealt with again had not been changed so often that the girl in-charge of appointments has said that she will not be the one calling if it has to be rescheduled once more! Ten more days to get things sorted.

Things have become a bit wild since this time last year since nothing was done between now and June by which time it started to rain nearly every day! Just a couple of days ago the trees were fairly solid and golden brown then everything decided to drop. Yesterday when I went to put out the compost bin the leaves looked like a marvellous carpet of golden hues, by the time I got out this morning we had a hard frost and gold had mostly given way to soggy browns. Soggy is a god thing if you are wanting them to turn into leaf mold to improve the soil, dry leaves piled up just don’t seem to know how to start rotting down. They say it takes a year to turn to soil but those which fall into the roadside gutter outside the house seem to do it in a week or two!

All good exercise to strengthen and loosen up this stiff old body, leaves are heavier than you would imagine! There is a reason for getting in better shape. That expression is more apt than you might imagine since while my weight is only a few pounds above my pre HRT weight my shape has changed considerably with any fat from old muscles going directly to my waist which needs to waste away as soon as possible. Dusting off the exercise bike for the dark winter days and have started stretching  muscles prior to any exercise, it is so easy to become inflexible…

Now for my incentive. For many many years I used to go away for a week in the spring when two friends had a holiday week free. Initially we would pack our photographic gear and go camping in the chilly April weather, sometimes we would borrow a cabin somewhere in the west but as we got older and softer and one friend moved to a comfortable highland home we would use it as our base. It gave me a chance to show them how to cook! When the highland home gained a full time housewife the trips stuttered to a halt. Whilst chatting about recent trips and my jealousy, (rare for me), of seeing tourists enjoying cycling while I was stuck with the car this year, one of my friend’s wives said that she too would like to have a week cycling holiday next year. I thought that she was thinking aloud and did not pay too much attention but it is booked up already so we are due to be away in May! Time to get fit she said. Never thought that I would get to swop allegiance  to my friend like this but he does not like bikes like we do… Only problem, which bike would I take or should I rent one when I get there, this is going to drive me crazy for a while yet…

I have cheered up the bathroom with an experiment to see if I can overwinter a few pots of flowers. Not tried out the new ambience and the only thing vibrating in there for the past few weeks has been the toothbrush. Talk about low drive!


  1. The autumn leaves have been lovely here. Mostly gone now though. Now for months and months of bare twigs. Very sad.

    Rachel xx

  2. our conker leaves are much more technicolour than yours; so I guess that measn that yours don't have that disease that we've got down here... mind you, it seems a particularly colourful autumn; the Forest of Dean was spectacular last week.

  3. There have been some lovely colours this year and the golden hues against a blue sky yesterday were amazing. Sadly I see that storms are on the way and it will mean lots of clearing leaves in the weeks to come.

    As for the plant in the bathroom (whose name escapes me) - isn't that one of those plants which smells so strongly if you touch it ?

  4. I think they are called Geraniums Becca. I just love Autumn, no other season looks as beautiful to me. Unfortunately most of the colour has gone now but there are still some trees holding on to their leaves. The only consolation are the evergreens to get us through to Spring. We have a few of them around our garden.

    Shirley Anne x


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