Monday, 10 December 2012

Yule be happy to know that my toes are fine...

Smart seafront restaurant  with Sophie.

I ended up helping my friend Adrienne for a couple more days after the last post, various other folk came and went. A few guys were necessary for brute force whilst we kept things organised and tidy and prodded them with encouragement and suggestions. Nobody really noticed that there was frost on the ground since we all worked so hard, the coffee and Panettone helped. Final loading of the huge flat bed truck was delayed when it broke a brake line on the way to us so I donned a reflective jacket and headed to where the farm road joined the main road to be a human signpost, just as well since the sun dropped quickly and he arrived with just enough light to get organised with his parking. Fork lift trucks were borrowed from the farm for the loading and the frosted ground came in very handy. The guys praised me for being a “magic wifey” which I take as a complement and Adrienne was thankful for my calming influence especially as all the ill assorted pallets were being loaded and she had to loose control to guys with big machines doing what guys with big machines do while we concentrated on packing her large van solid. It was late into the evening before all was loaded, folk were on their way and we could finally lock up.

My heart was heavy as I waved Adrienne off. She is a new grandmother now and her daughter lives not too far away so she will be back but our playing together days are probably over...

After four attempts to keep an appointment my local health centre finally got both a doctor, who likes to see a little of his patients blood, and a nurse together at the same time and off came both of my big toenails. Shame that after all the failed appointments at the centre which I can see from my bedroom window I have had to attend the centre in the next village for the minor op and subsequent dressings using up valuable favours for lifts in doing so! They are now a seasonal juicy red with only the left throbbing slightly. Poor guy found one of them a bit tougher than usual to get off, it being so strong and horny! I just hope that the phenol killed off the nail bed this time… Now al who follow the story of my toenails with close interest are right up to date.

My poor toes...

With the toes in the air we invited a friend, whose wife was on a business trip and dog away being spayed, to spend a couple of nights so long as he brought a bag of films on DVD. Perhaps not quite as quiet a time as I should have spent and we did over feed him!

We have a bundle of Yule cards, thanks DRU, but each will probably need a letter to go with it so that should keep us busy for a few days. The postal service has been determined to reduce the numbers of items in the yule post without affecting their profits by raising the stamp prices by many times inflation. The best investment anyone could make this year in the UK was to buy pre increase stamps marked “first” or “second” class since they would be useable after the price increase. Just proves that going to school was a complete waste of time since even the statement that the only thing which you could not take advantage of by buying up just before a price rise was a postage stamp and now you can! Always on the lookout for a saving I bought about enough for this year’s Yule post but next year it will be nearly all Yule emails…

Finally for the “ you have got to laugh” section, my niece was showing her father snaps from her recent Scottish holiday which ended up with a few days with us and he asked who a certain person in the photographs was. Well I thought it was funny!

Nearly sunset from the restaurant, St Andrews.



  1. Lovely photos ... wish St Andrews was closer to Surrey. Perhaps that's part of the appeal.

    As for the rest ....TOE NAIL chat

  2. Glad to hear that the toes are done, and I hope they stay done too!


  3. Didn't knowyou'd had so much problems with your toenails Caroline but I do remember you saying that they were being removed. Happy to learn that the op. went well. Does this mean you will be toenail-less forever now? Forgive my ignorance on such matters. Looks like you've been quite busy of late and in all that frosty weather too! Brrrr..

    Shirley Anne x

  4. I sure hope that they don't grow back! It took a year for them to grow right out but if they grow again perhaps I should refrain from mentioning them...

    I could have posted a picture of them unwrapped!

  5. I might have to go for the toenail excision too... so obv I am watching with a keen sense of interest... I intended to write more than just 'happy solstice' in my cards, but ended up in too much of a rush as usual. Still can't bear to do a round robin, even though I actually enjoy receiving them.

  6. Becca, close your eyes, this is for Dru.

    It sounds dramatic but injecting the anaesthetic counts as the worst part and even that is only a slight pain then the toe is numb. You would think that you would feel a pull against some resistance by the nail but you don't. I have asked for the nail bed to be killed off because mine are so twisted, the phenol always seems to be past sell by date when I turn up.

    Be prepared to keep dressing on for a few days then keep uncovered in the air for a few more then they will be tender for a while but here I am two weeks later going out to parties. We keep some rooms warm but you might want to wait 'til spring...

    I have a round robin river, me I stay in touch all year...


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