Monday, 7 January 2013

Easter is on it's way...

 Easter is on it’s way, at least on my first trip to the local shop this year on the 4th the chocolate eggs were already on sale!

Friends put on a decent display of decorations, if only we had seen these before we had our attempt at putting a tree in the house. 

As Yule see it is a bit spartan but it was cheap. Trees used to be so much cheaper in the past but have become serious purchases now, £60 would have only got a decent one at about seven feet tall + &14 for a stand…

ginger beer!

This was eight feet tall and about ten wide, cost £0, it was hanging over the garden wall into the street. Sadly I could not get the whole thing into the house in one piece so I hung the branch which I cut off over the stairwell so that we could walk through the hanging baubles. Visitors were impressed which is what counts.

I know why the 6th is the designated day to take them down, one sharp clout on the tree and the floor was covered with needles which have taken hours to clear up, they get everywhere. We are missing it already and the bare room is now positively minimalist at one end at least.



  1. It the needles of a live tree that drives me crazy when it dries out. And it doesn't help that the tree industry cuts and ships the trees at least 2 months before christmas. And that why we have used a pre-lit artificial tree for the past 3 years.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. K & S, what a good idea, I am waiting for someone to throw one out!

    People wait with expectation to see what we will come up with each year,, last year it was a so artificial plastic one rescued from the tip, the year before a beautiful one grown in the garden for ten years... I should have been planting one each year!

    I know that I will still be finding the needles until next christmas and beyond!

    Happy New Year to you both.

  3. If you like trees so much why don't you go and live in the forest? LOL
    The cost, the cleaning up afterwards is a pain you could do without, especially as none of it is really necessary. I like that chair/settee you are sitting on by the way.

    Shirley Anne x

  4. Shirley Anne, do you like the woodiness of the chair legs? not a straight line anywhere, and they recline!

    One half of the garden here at bramble Cottage is half vegetable garden and half a forrest of trees. Perhaps a little too much for a domestic garden then again you were close to the mark about living in a forrest but ideally it would lead to a beach...

  5. The chair looks so comfy and it is pleasing to the eye.
    A little house sat in the woods and close to the beach sound idyllic.

    Shirley Anne x

  6. You look comfortable.

    We have an artificial tree. We don't have room for the big one that served us for 25 years anymore. It was expensive to buy but worked out better than buying a real one every year.

    I take my decorations down on Friday


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