Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tempus fugit & mass vanishes...

The hills are covered by a picturesque coat of snow, especially beautiful in the warm glow of the setting sun just the other day. It is now fifteen months since I spent an enforced week watching the changes to a snowy landscape from my hospital bed on the South Downs near Brighton.

Following that visit each week then each month brought reportable changes as the body tried to heal itself from the rearrangements made by my surgeon. What a good job was done! Having been compelled to inhabit what was in effect an alien body for six decades you would think that I would now be posting about how strange it is to inhabit this new body. Quite the opposite! This new incarnation feels so natural and right there is very little to report.

We are warned that hormone treatment may well cause weight gain but mine was limited to a few pounds due to a decrease in physical activity during this last year and has hardly changed over the last six years or so until now. Weight had been redistributed into more interesting curves and bulges, muscles reduced and turned to fat… We have been on our 5:2 diet regime for about eight weeks now, and are both nearly a stone lighter with almost no effort and still eating as normal for five days each week though we do seem to be less inclined to ever indulge in temptations like chocolate easter eggs for example… Stones weight 14 pounds by the way for any younger or modern metric readers, the Uk may go metric once all us old folk die off…

The one downside of this weight loss is inch loss, what is that in metric lands, 2.54mm loss? Anyway my carefully developed feminine bumps have been slightly diminished though thankfully reduction has been from everywhere though I think more could go from round the waist! At last I think we have a reasonable long term solution to weight which should gradually bring us down to a healthier size and then with perhaps just one day partial fasting per week maintain a healthy level. Well this is my new project now that the transproject is winding down…

It is bitterly cold as winter hangs on, our van had turned a dung colour like so many seem to buy these days, what happened to the joy of colour? All the salt and road grime was depressing so I was determined to revive the blue. First it was washed down with warm soapy / waxy water then rinsed off with a hose before wiping down. When I got round to the front bonnet and roof I was taken aback to see that the lustrous paint surface seemed to be wavy and could not imagine what could have done this to the paint. The rinse water had frozen to a glassy finish because it was so cold! No wonder the garden tidy up is going so slowly… One local daffodil grower reckons they are six weeks behind and naturally he missed the easter trade.

Never have been impressed with religions but since everything stops for the festival hijacked from the pagans to now celebrate chocolate and cakes we joined like minded  friends for lunch, simnel cakes and hot crossed buns to finish, yum.

Sometimes I wish that I had some sins to look back on but I think I would take responsibility for them myself...



  1. The weather ain't so bad here now Caroline, definitely no snow anywhere! I hear much about girls having their fat redistributed but I don't think much of that has happened in my case, perhaps because I tend to be very active, I don't know. What I do know is that fat is deposited around the waist first and then elsewhere. When losing fat it comes off from everywhere else first and then the waist!
    Totally agree with your attitude to 'religion' and for the same reasons. That's why I have a relationship with Christ instead! And by the way sweetheart..... We are all sinners and we sin every day.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. It's still very cold here - more like November with buds. We're still with the 5;2 and it is still working. As you say there is less inclination to over indulge on the other days.

    Here's hoping for more sunshine everywhere in the weeks to come.


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