Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cycling at snails pace...

We have been experiencing cool windy weather whilst staying here with Julie’s sister, trees are waving in the wind as a I tap away. This is the sort of temperature which suits Julie and the condition she lives with, energy vanishes in the heat. Everyone has been quietly reading for several days and I have just finished the only paper book which I brought with me, e readers are so much more convenient to pack and use on a trip.

“In Flanders Fields” if you know it might not seem the obvious choice for a holiday read but it fits in well for plans for later in the year. The book is a well written and regarded review of the western front near Ypres in 1917. Allies with different needs and desires and egos appearing to face a seemingly unbeatable enemy together. Regular lack of communication or outright duplicity meant that often one of the allies made which cost dearly for absolutely no gain even though everyone else looking on could see the hopelessness of the situation, sometimes they would give their opinion but it made no difference, better a disastrous mistake than to show lack of face…

As we know through yet another year of attrition a solution of sorts was found and a hundred years later we are still looking back in wonder at the sacrifices so many made in this war to end all wars.

So many similarities with the campaigns we all go through in our attempts to deal with our condition with or without the help of friends and family who we consider our allies. Often years of stalemate stuck in knee deep mud, sometimes a sudden breakthrough or a hard fought battle with seemingly hard won gains only to fall back to the trenches for another long wait…

My own battles have been fought, not without some pain and loss and I am now able to to enjoy the rewards of the peace whilst knowing that others are still engaged in the fight for their lives…

My own battle of Ypres relates to an exhibition my old self did in the mid 90’s on an artist exchange with Belgium and the new me is being asked to exhibit later this year alongside the work of a well admired painter, how could I refuse. It seems that at some point I have to talk about my work, in the past that would be on the calendar as something like “Black Monday” and I would be in fear of hearing my own voice speaking in public, the new me is quite looking forward to it! Just shows how finally being myself allows my personality to show at last and I am no longer embarrassed by having to put on a false performance for the benefit of others…

We have been out to a fairly new theatre complex to see a contemporary dance performance and I have just finished packing to go off on a cycling break with some friends. Not the best weather forecast but going anyway, I shall be away for a short while and leave Julie to have some quality time with her sister where they can say what they like about me... 



  1. Well I hope you win the new battle Coline. Whilst you are out and about on the bike, getting soaked no doubt, I am sure anything spoken between Julie and her sister will not be derogatory. You probably wouldn't care one way or the other I suspect.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. I hope your weather is not like here in Shetland; perfect yesterday and today a howling north-westerley, rain and 7 degrees C.

  3. You'll never believe where I spent my by the time you visit!

    I can't imagine anyone saying anything but wonderful things about you, whether you believe it or not! We always see our worst points while those who love us are only looking for the good ones.

    I hope your cycling turned out well!


  4. I don't think I will be picking up that book at the moment! Glad you are having a good time ..... and as Alan says I am sure that no bad words will be said !

  5. I hope that you didn't get blown off your bikes. I'm wearing mittens as I type this, it is so cold at the moment.

    I hope that you will post some pics of your future exhibition.

    First of the Noirmoutier potatoes in our supermarket - way too expensive!

  6. Well I survived the wind and rain and returned with a consignment of potatoes to share amongst my friends in the south where it is colder and wetter!

    New post follows soon...


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