Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Leaving our temporary home.

I have to admit to an error of judgement. Julie and her sister are now both retired and since none of us get any younger, though many might suggest that transition does have rejuvenating properties, this seemed like the perfect time for them to be together. Cool weather which Julie prefers to conserve her energy and a decent length of time so no panic about organising anything. I even gave them a week without me around for good measure…

I would have had more luck trying to get a pair of Giant Pandas to successfully mate in public and be overjoyed at the resulting tiny panda!! Though now that I have interrogated them they both seem to think the trip a great success! They say that HRT can bring on emotions and I am feeling far more emotionally fragile than I can ever rememberwhilst everyone else is just crashing on with their lives...

A few days ago I was really quite down with so many small irritations which have added up to an overall irritation with the way this trip had gone and with the island bike trip in the cool wind and rain glowing as far away the best part of the trip so far I am not sad that we shall soon be heading home.

Ever since we have been coming here a single tune has been whistled by Andre, first as he walked his flock of sheep through the village nibbling it into neatness then walking his dog after he retired, now he is in hospital never to return, a type of character never to be replaced, others have died since our last visit. If he was able to return  he would probably have a heart attack when he saw the sudden rash of paint markings for parking spaces which have just defaced the village. Having put all the small village shops out of business the edge of village supermarket has gone from a small treasure house to a nearly empty space with single tins on the front edge to try and to appear less sparse, they will never have enough business to generate the cash to fill the shelves again…

The business which is booming is prostitution on the national route which passes the end of the village. South American girls are being strewn along the main roads by gangs who are going unmolested by this department’s police force whilst in the department to the west which starts in the next village they have made an effort to stamp out the ghastly trade. Seeing these poor souls baking in the sun in their ridiculous clothes is hardly conducive to good start to a trip out. A short trip over the border to Spain was many times worse especially in what used to be a quaint cheap shopping town is now renowned for he largest brothel in Europe! Ever more steps away from the little paradise this corner of the world was just a few years ago.

It is not often that I have been on a trip like this with so little interest in making photographs, probably becauseI have so little desire to return in a hurry to a place which has passed it’s best.

Since I started this yesterday our homeward departure has been decided for Tuesday and I am starting to cheer up already and the tank is already full of the fuel which is over 20% cheaper than at home...

Typical, the sun has started to shine.


  1. Don't be in too much of a hurry to get back home for the weather is on the turn again with rain forecast. It's a shame that time erodes beautiful places and for the most part unnecessarily. Progress can spoil things.

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Funnily enough I find the same on HRT. Most of the time I am fine and happy but when stressed or upset I become hyper sensitive.

    I guess the best thing to do is not become stressed or upset ....simples

  3. This ending, so filled with disappointment; unexpected given the photos of the area from this year and past too.
    This reinforces my contention that while a picture is able to convey much, it can also hide much if the subject matter is skillfully chosen.

    Safe travels home Caroline.

  4. Someone chancing upon the place for the first time would doubtless see the beauty, but you have known it in better days. I grew up in a Cornish holiday resort that I used to think lovely but too much has changed, and not (to my mind) for the better. Now I wouldn't go there in the summer if you paid me to.

  5. I'm afraid it is happening all over nowadays. Some call it progress...


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