Saturday, 29 June 2013

Thanks to priceless friends.

Just under seventeen months ago I was in Brighton on the south coast having just been repaired and only six days post op had to find my way home whilst in a delicate state. Calling for international rescue , my personal recovery team sprang into action to get me to and from airports at each end of the country.

Today finally we were united for of thanks and a day out in Edinburgh, each of us traveling in by train, very wise since the money we would have had to spend parking in the city could be spent on coffee and cakes. Louise says she does not like cakes but likes to bake them, Lucy at first pretended to not be interested but later relented and ordered afternoon tea…

Seven hours vanished quickly with wandering about a couple of galleries and some speedy shopping between coffee breaks then a walk around the historic royal mile before returning to the station to wave off Lucy who had arranged to meet up with another friend later that evening before continuing her holiday journey south and home again.

Just three girls on a day out, nothing more or less…

Louise told us that our first minister would like to have a new official residence high on a bluff above the station, does he have a railcard perhaps...



  1. It was a super day out with great friends and a real treat to meet the other half of your recovery team.

  2. Nice to see that you've all had a great time together. I pray it won't be the last time you'll be meeting again. those cakes look really yummy!

    Shirley Anne x

  3. I second what Shirley Anne said - they look so so pretty.

    Nice to see you had the weather as well ...

  4. Who could resist cakes as pretty as those? What a lovely time you all had.

    I find those patterns in the coffee (latte?) fascinating. Do you think that the patterns can be read like tea leaves or coffee grounds?


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