Thursday, 23 January 2014

Google kills!

Google kills!

Click on it and ZDNet will tell you how their stupid policies show no regard for personal safety!

Spread the word and beware...


  1. Aren't I glad I back-heeled Google+? Everything about Google stinks. When you download applications it cannot be done without their 'permissions' which include all sorts of personal information. Even your location can be traced through your tablets or computers. Despite Google's insensitivity they cannot be held responsible for that woman's suicide. Killing one's self isn't the answer. Suicide is an act of cowardice by a weak-willed person. That is itself a sad affair though.

    Shirley anne x

  2. It once looked like G+ was going to be a sane social media site especially interesting for those interested in photography. It was interesting looking back through what I had done on there from being one of the earliest to join. I considered what I had posted over those years, the number of contacts and the degree of interaction and decided that the rewards were poor for the energy input.

    I thought that I was a very sociable person but I don't seem to click with social media, especially google's idea of it and I found the delete button for a final click.


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