Tuesday, 28 January 2014

This video says it all...

A.E.Brain: New Medical Treatments for Transgender Adolescents: Norman Spack at TEDx...


  1. Guys like him should have been around when I was pre-puberty! Just shows how backward modern society still is regarding gender and gender identity and how it should be treated.

    Shirley Anne

  2. Shirley Anne, what is the world coming to?

    We are in total agreement for once...

  3. LOL Though I think we agree on many things

    Shirley Anne x

  4. I just can't laugh right now. I saw this video and just wanted to scream. How depressing (for me). How fantastic for those born in this day and age. Nevertheless, videos like this one can just get me into depression.

  5. The guy is just saying what we have known all along and HAS been known to medical science for three generations.

    It amounts to wilful mental and physical cruelty by neglect, hardly surprising that it makes us angry and depressed...


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