Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Virtual christmas tree.

Yesterday I saw the first easter eggs, got to hand it to them christians, they are keen on chocolate and it’s cunning use in spreading their word! Soon be seeing the first hot crossed buns...

I have never been one for new year resolutions since the logical me knows that good intentions will so easily be destroyed by a few months of the most miserable weather. This year I have broken with tradition and made one with every hope of keeping it. I have given up sex, a very small word so that can’t be too difficult can it. The first result of this is that my first post of the year was to have been one of those playful ones which might have been misread by those whose minds think that way... Rare these days for a blog post to rattle in my head for so long as an innocent post about a new kitchen toy evolving into something which I knew could be misread, I have perhaps done this before and it was bad of me. My curiosity about, amusement by and pity for the over sexed has had it’s day and it is now just an irritation polluting every strand of modern life. Scream at me if my resolution slips. 

Humans seem to be obsessed by it. The only good thing about it is that it works the opposite way for me so advertisers trying to sell something like chocolate will most likely put me off buying the product which otherwise I might have bought too much of, going to save me money and cut down on calories, win, win.

Another year looms ahead and I am trying to both maintain some activity whilst the weather suggests returning to bed covers with a good book would be the best idea, and contemplating cheap projects to fill my time.

A friend hinted back in May that she had already reserved a holiday home for several weeks in the summer with a spare room if we wished to drop by, that has all been confirmed so for once holiday not in France is scheduled and my gardening year will have to be planned around it. I could expend all my energy in the garden and still not manage to do everything I would like to do, some wall repointing in the spring and some removal of over large conifers which now house pigeons which have become a pest and have to go before any other birds think that they will make good nest sites… Never ends.

This old house has always had a lack of organised storage which got worse when Julie’s sister took away many of the best pieces of furniture after her mother died, drawer space vanished and book cases remained and not enough of them… This year I hope to create some more built in storage then perhaps random piles will not form themselves so frequently. This is NOT a resolution! Even Julie has finally started to tackle a slow wade through sixty years accumulation of stuff from the time she has lived in this house, a couple of hours each day until the good weather and this place could be transformed.

Sorry about the gloomy light on my virtual christmas tree photograph. In the tidy up for a large new year’s day lunch party I found needles from three years ago hidden in nooks and crannies, I will not be saying the same in three years about this “tree”.



  1. I think you are having us on Caroline, the tree is there but it is one of those new invisible versions! What makes you think Christians invented chocolate Easter egg? 'fraid that one is down to the secular world, not that real Christians would indulge in that kind of nonsense (sadly many do). Thinking about holidays already and it's still early in the year is just as mad as early chocolate eggs I would have thought. Still I suppose getting off the merry-go-round of annual sameness is difficult. An easier solution for a lack of storage space is to get rid of the many things you probably don't need. People hoard things they have no real use for or store things away they will probably never see again. If pigeons are a pest get yourself a pet hawk...LOL

    Shirley Anne x

  2. Shirley Anne, I always wondered about how chocolate easter eggs would stand up to the heat in the near east especially 1500 years before the stuff even arrived from South America...

    Two pronged attack is decluttering and storage is so that what we want actually has a home of it's own, I spend far too much time looking for things I need...

    Last year I thought I was in luck when a hawk started eating the pigeons in a friend's garden along the road, then it started snacking on the smaller birds distracted by munching my red currants. When I was trying to pick some for myself the hawk swept in, caught sight of me in the corner of it's vision lost control and crashed into the wire netting and stunned itself. Not sure how I could have got it to just eat the pigeons...

    I know how you love holidays these days, I wanted to make sure that we got a decent cabin on the ferry with views out and the room was just going spare so whatever contribution we come up with it will a very reasonable holiday where Julie has wanted us to go to for many years and we can visit several friends on the continent on route. May not get too many more chances for trips like this...

  3. I think life, well my life, is one long holiday Caroline. Just where is that holiday you are speaking about?

    Shirley Anne x

  4. Are you going to be telling us stories of Il De Re again ! If so I will be very jealous - although to be fair with all that weather you are getting I think you deserve it.

    For he three letter word and your resolution you can count another supporter !

    For the pigeon problem - all you need is lead :)


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