Monday, 15 June 2009


It hardly seems like seven months since I had a big snip and dumped the wee bag of excess rubbish and started a life of unbelievable calm. Life up to that point was a torment of regular misery and dealing with the “health service” had only made it worse. I would have even fewer online contacts if I had started blogging before the snip.

Before the operation I requested no resuscitation and was indifferent as to the outcome probably somewhat in favour of an easy end, I had no idea just how much better I would feel afterwards even if they sewed it up badly and left a bleeder and had to redo it…

The doom laden surgeon was wrong about EVERYTHING he said would happen, I went back to disappoint him!

Now I am off on my first and probably last summer holiday within easy reach of the Mediterranean. Julie is not good in the heat but the idiots who disorganise her work were adamant that something which she was to oversee would happen in May so we booked flights for June instead. No sooner was this arranged they changed their minds and said it would happen when she was not there! Not to worry the way they are going it will not even be done before she retires and we are plunged into poverty in August.

If we manage to drive through the forecast torrential rain to get to the airport and if I get through security with my terrorist photograph in the passport once more we are headed to two weeks sipping wine and sampling the menu of our sisterinlaw’s new restaurant. Would have hired a car this year but the new cautious me wanted proper insurance cover which nearly doubles the price. The insurance was not far short of what we pay for cover for a whole year to drive anywhere in Europe, some scam! Ordered new windows for bathroom instead!!

We have visited a few of our oldest friends and family in the last week and we leave in some trepidation. Frailty seems to come on swiftly in the elderly and mobility suddenly reduces, another not so old is being slowly killed by a parasite from her husband’s cat! What will we return to? Then there is the networld, so much happened when we went away for the weekend, two weeks with no contact... It will be strange to be out of touch.

It will be strange to be warm again and I shall have to savour my time on the beach since in future we shall travel only when it is cheaper and cooler. On the bright side, this is the last time I risk skin damage from strong sunlight, shame my nails are always at their best after a sun cream spreading holiday. This is the first holiday for the new improved happier me, this is going to be interesting.

Shall compensate by blogging oldstyle on postcards.

Sunday, 14 June 2009


Must be something in the air but several recent posts have mentioned some coming out, sometimes after much agonising sometimes unintentionally.

I had my first experience of online chat, quite something for someone who has dyslexia and can’t type too fast and has no idea how it works. Someone wanted company and to chat until the birds began to sing so I happily joined in until about 3:30 am. By now I was wide awake so I wrote an entry and posted it before going to bed at 4:00.

The door bell woke me in the morning and I realised that I had forgotten a rearranged gardening morning with my teenaged helper. In the well darkened room, it is reasonably light all day at this time of year here, I grabbed the first dressing gown and ran downstairs to catch her before she gave up and left. The quizzical look she gave me was understandable when you consider that I had grabbed Julie’s pink toweling gown and had freshly shaved everything and painted all nails Chanel gold the day before. It would have been a lot more interesting if I had worn my own slinky pink floral silk dressing gown, then there would have been little doubt...

She has known me all her life and we used to have nail competitions when we went round for a meal but gave up at about seven when she realised that she would never win. Everyone knows I am a wee bit unusual, perhaps she has a better idea than anyone else just how unusual.

I am completely honest and out to whoever asks, well I would be but still nobody has!