Sunday, 5 July 2009

Flying south on 17-6-9 looking for Anji

Just gave Anji a wave on way south, thought I should find camera for picture of French coast but it is more about ice on the window! The clouds often seem to start about here while Anji is in sunshine.

I should know better than to try making photographs through dirty scratched plastic.

"Lenny Live in London" is soothing my flight. We have left a day of torrential rain, it has to be better in the south.


  1. gosh, is that the Gironde estuary down there? -I love trying to work out the landscape from aeroplane windows. You were lucky with the weather, seemingly. Ish.

  2. I hope your holiday was good. I am looking forward to mine on Saturday !

  3. Well done Dru, weather was hot, some like it hot!

    Lisa, going anywhere interesting?

  4. It's just south of the Loire that the weather changes. When we used to drive up to the ferry we knew where we were because of the weather


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