Monday, 3 August 2009

Back to normal?

Life is getting back to normal after a flurry of visitors and such like.

Julie has vertigo and is “listening” to cricket on the TV. I went to get her medication and the town was deserted. I am getting a proper lunch at midday and have had biscuits with a cup of coffee in a house where biscuits are forbidden for obvious reasons. Later on this evening I am taking a friend to a Jaques Loussier concert in Edinburgh about 60 miles away, I almost never get to see a concert.

I told someone recently that I never appear in my dreams and that they were all nonsense. So is this some weird dream or is it some new form of reality. I’m confused…


  1. lol
    I have to admit I have some dreams I wish were reality and plenty I am glad are not !

  2. What was in those biscuits?

  3. Anji, just ginger and CALORIES.

    Caroline X


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