Friday, 7 August 2009

Being sociable.

This has been a busy social time in the past few weeks with a visit from my Canadian cousin, the only cousin with whom I am in contact. In my mid teens I spent the summer with her and we have been close ever since even though we often do not meet face to face except every five years. When we do meet it is as if we have only parted for a few weeks and we just carry on where we left off!

Last time she visited with her daughter I had already organised an appointment for an IPL session on my face so told them that they were getting a day out at a World Heritage Site, Edinburgh, but that I had to vanish for a while. I could hardly not tell them what I was doing since my face would be reddened for a while after the treatment. They just accepted what I was up to and never asked why.

Five years on Deb arrives and just accepts me as I am. I had emailed to explain that my appearance may be a little different, forgetting the previous visit details so she knew that the beard was now completely gone. In many ways I have not changed because I had never expressed a masculine persona, all I have done is wear ever more feminine clothing and change skin softness and body shape subtly due to vanished testicles!

At some point I had to get round to clarifying my situation because I have no idea where this process will take me by the time we meet again, I may be much the same or I may find that I have to proceed further, only time will tell. After several days Deb decided to check her emails and there after the pleas from her children for British sweets was a note to say that their new puppy was recovering from having it’s bits removed. I said that the pain would not last long, I lied, did not want her to think her puppy was suffering! At least her questioning look got us onto the subject.

How do you know? was the look followed soon after by the realisation of how I knew!

She is bright and ten times better with computer stuff so we have decided too keep in touch more often via the magic of the web so no surprises next time.


After four decades a close friend had a birthday party, usually he would be on holiday with family. This year he is home for the second of his cataract operations and his wife decided to cheer him up with a surprise birthday party. Checking that his blood pressure was alright after last years heart valve operation ( 62 years old! ), I went shopping for a present for a half blind photographer, something to cheer him up, something with pictures rather than text. Not too sure that his wife approved of my choice of a fat book of erotic photographs!

Later in the evening she started to make pointed comments about where did I find a shop for transvestites to get such shoes in my large size? If she was trying for the prize of a bottle of champagne for the first person to ask if I am transgendered she was too late, it was withdrawn a couple of months ago for two reasons. One is that it is now too obvious and everyone just accepts how I look now and two, there is only one bottle left! That gets drunk next week on Julie's birthday / retirement day and after that finances are going to be very tight and I shall not be buying champagne to drink let alone give away.


Birthday friend got present from son of ticket to see Jacques Lousier at the Edinburgh jazz festival. Someone had to take him! Fabulous evening, a rare treat.


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