Sunday, 2 August 2009


Blog world?

Just over two weeks away on holiday visiting family my postcards started to be morphing into blogs! I was mentally composing potential chatty posts to recall my minor adventures like finding myself nearly upside down in a cloudless sky. My dreams which are always dull and annoying also felt like blog posts! Is this some kind of infection?

So where are all these amusing blogs you may well ask. Mostly filed under a mixture of headings and perhaps now lost.

Two weeks away and the happy band of blogs which I find myself visiting seemed to have a faint cloud of gloom hanging over it. At any given time we all know someone who is down for one reason or another but by the laws of chance they are not evenly distributed and here was a deviation from the mean, I think it drew me down where I had not been for nearly a year now. How could I be frivolous at this time? Should I be frivolous in the hope that it would help lift anyone happening upon my blog, who does read my blog?

Who indeed does read it? I started to write because I felt uneasy reading other blogs without being visible to some degree and joining in with the comments, I had to sign in and have a page so even though I had hardly written more than my signature for several decades I gave it a go. I find myself drawn to comment, why not? Surely dialogue and conversation is the aim when posting or have I got this all wrong?

Perhaps I go about this completely the wrong way. I am drawn to comment, perhaps too long comments sometimes and write out most of the thoughts which had been destined to my blog and just end up tagged onto someone else’s posts and never get an airing where they were intended.

Almost without noticing the days have built up since a decent post and I start to feel guilt! This is crazy, I have no sworn commitment just a heartfelt obligation to keep going despite not even knowing wether more than a handful of people even know the words exist. I am not the only one with time gaps between posts leaving you wondering if they have been squashed by a bus or just found a real life somewhere! Some longtime bloggers I suspect have just evolved, if that is the word, into bookfacers and tweeters but to me that seems like trying to have a quiet conversation in the centre of a riot compared to blogging’s sitting down in a quiet cafe to talk to a friend.

A strangely busy couple of weeks has drawn to an end and I am back online. Much of the fun stuff now seems past and half forgotten, maybe bits will float up on latter posts, who knows.

I started to write the blog just to get my thoughts down and recorded. A reader was just an abstract concept and about as likely as a lottery win without having a ticket but I still wrote it as if I had an audience. If you are that audience, sorry for breakdown in transmission, normal service is about to be resumed.


  1. I'm the same. The most witty posts are composed in my head and forgotten almost within minutes. I feel guilty about not posting regularly, but I know that posts will be more interesting if they are spontanious.

    At four o'clock this morning I lay awake and wrote a complete short story in my head. I hope that today I'll have time to get some of it down before it is lost forever.

  2. Thinking on the hoof... my own blog was unknown territory when I ventured into it, making up the map as I went among. I wonder about long-abandoned blogs floating around in cyberspace, like the remnants of the one mile to one mile map described in Borges... "In the western Deserts, tattered Fragments of the Map are still to be found, Sheltering an occasional Beast or beggar.."

    ...none of which helps, perhaps, but hello anyway!

  3. You're not alone. Interesting thoughts often come to mind at inconvenient times, and if you are like me, by the time sitting down at the keyboard is convenient, you've either forgotten it altogether, or it just doesn't seem to have the importance that it did, when your mind first gave birth to it.

    I don't think anyone should feel obligated to post on a daily basis. If your mind is an overflowing font of interesting ideas, then have at it. I know mine is not. My thoughts come in spurts, (no dirty pun intended :-D), so my posts are irregular, and like you, I often spend my thoughts on replies to others.



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