Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Intimate at last!

Yesterday for the first time in years I was really intimate with someone. Norma who I had been joking with as now being a rock chick groupie since she has taken up with a lead guitarist in a rock band clasped her breast to my head and gave my lips and tongue the most amazing sensations! Then she drilled out the roots of one of my teeth. Oh well, in my world that counts as really intimate! I have been trying to get some dialogue going about this subject but there is a great reluctance to actually say anything about the emotions surrounding this which I find somewhat frustrating when I lay my raw soul open to examination all the time.

We went for a Highland jaunt driving on the wildest twistiest mountain roads through the deserted ski resorts to visit several exhibitions by friends. For some reason Julie booked us into a Buddhist retreat instead of a bed and breakfast place at Findhorn, the alternative capital of Britain. Less like a scene from Easy Rider than it used to be but there is still the hold hands in a circle to give thanks for the vegetarian wine free meal to come and a half hour of meditation to clear the mind before breakfast. For someone like me who has spent years more than the typical Buddhist monk in silent contemplation this was hardly the peaceful experience which it must seem to their typical visitors. The people we met were an interesting bunch and had been drawn in from as far as Australia! From their reactions we are not coming over as a typical married couple even to these less conventional types.

The first exhibition was at a new gallery space built within a local authority arts centre built within the Findhorn Foundation. The paintings are by the husband of one of Julie’s university friends, she had given Julie free choice from her collection as a farewell donation to the gallery collection where she has been working, A $50,000 donation! They may not forget her for a while and let us see if anyone can trump that!

We are now living on air! Which is just what the paintings were about, cloudscapes as seen on the west coast, a perfect meditation piece, each and every one.

We also visited friends on the west coast where they had built a modern interpretation of the traditional But ‘n’ Ben two roomed cottage. A dream site on an old family croft farm overlooking one of the most beautiful sea views over a group of islands. Even better they took us for a meal where the husbands caught the scallops and prawns and salmon and their wives cooked it to perfection, the Buddhists would have been shocked if they knew what we were up to!

The trip was just over 500 miles through purple mountains on some of the most interesting driving roads you could find anywhere including most of the remaining single track roads with passing places one of which is a car width clinging to the space between sea and cliff, great fun for someone like me who drives a wee car with the heart and soul of a motorcyclist seeking the perfect line through every bend, the whole trip was nothing but bends. This is the first trip like this since the testosterone was cut off. What a difference! Before, even though I would not have qualified as aggressive male, was driven to go fast which switched on adrenalin which drove you faster and closer to the limit with no margin for error! Testosterone free speed has to be chosen, the mind is clear and the heart beat slow and regular, the flow of bends there to be enjoyed for hour after hour without fatigue. Pure joy.

Don’t tell anyone about these roads, we had them almost to ourselves for 500 miles! And would like to keep them this way.