Monday, 9 November 2009

Best caresses ever

We have been together for about thirty years now, so why has it taken this long to get the best ever caresses and why does it have to be so complicated as to be impossible to repeat!

It required some unusual props to get us in the mood, but hey whatever turns you on. First I was woken buy a scream of alarm and J was quickly out of bed so not her normal self. Bad words filled the air, obviously not from me! It looked like she had wet the bed which of course is exactly what she had done but not in the manner you might be thinking. I am no longer sufficient to maintain her winter warmth and she supplements body heat with bottle heat and had not bothered to check if the thing was still in useable condition, finding out had sent water all over the place. She departed with more oaths.

Not in my nature to let her suffer I found the hair dryer and started to dry off the duvet cover and sheets, this was before I found the really damp patch. On returning she just stood watching for a few moments before I suggested that she should get under my side to keep warm while the work continued. Don’t know what got into her but once on my side she started to caress me from above the knee, up over my cheek and on up my side which has always been her favourite part of me being completely hairless. There was something driven and sensuous about the action, an earnestness most unlike her usual caresses and she just kept going!

This took a while before I thought it dry enough to turn the mattress and the bedclothes could be reassembled and return to sleep mode.

Sleep was a long time returning as the brain first took pleasure at this marvelous sensuous joy I had been feeling then typically viewed it from the opposite direction and cursed that it had taken so long for her to get round to doing this.

She now has a new hot water bottle, I shall report back in five, six or seven years when this one fails as to wether she can repeat the performance.

Friday, 6 November 2009

up and down

I composed an epic post just the other evening as I soaked in the heat of the sauna for an hour whilst reviewing a memorable year. This stream of consciousness would have been yards long and full of hope and joy.

So why is there nothing here? It all got lost in a downpour of tears to compete with the torrential rain which we have endured this past week. It is not that I have not made great changes in my life this last year, that would be an enormous understatement. This has been the most dramatic in my lifetime and the first I can recall where I have had a positive attitude towards life and whilst I have always lived in an open limbo I have moved to a more positively femme appearance from what was fairly femme / androgynous not that anyone has stopped me and said anything yet! Well except my sister and brother in law who said my new photos were very “glam”.

What hit me sideways, from out of nowhere was the realisation that many in the circle I follow have not long had , are just having, or soon will have an invisible but life changing surgery. Nobody can see it and from reports 60% plus will never use the new facility but it will bring a metaphorical smile to their faces and spring in their step and many will fade from this turbulent waiting room we inhabit. Many of the rest of us are condemned for one reason or another to remain trapped in this groundhog day world as another intake of hopefuls brave the tests and in their turn be swept away.

No matter how grounded you feel in your self these facts can still leap out and knock you flat in an instant shaking every cell in your body leaving you feeling like you have had the surgery but with no change!

Always the bridesmaid never the bride is the feeling right now, we need a bridesmaid society for self protection!

On the bright side, thank goodness there was one, there was the rare joy of over a weeks worth of knickers fresh out of the packet, joy, joy, joy.