Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Mad journey

With the landscape a winter wonderland the smartest thing to do would have been to set the alarm for mid morning and hide from the winter. How was I to know the weather would be so ghastly when I was asked if I could get friends to the airport because public transport was going to be a real struggle for their early check in.

Woke at six to find a fresh fall of snow on top of the compacted snow and ice! Getting up onto the icy road was not something I had ever bothered trying so the test was to drive up a ski slope with front wheel drive and turn onto an icy road then try and slide down the hill onto the gritted main road. Getting back again I did not even want to think about.

I could have dug down to the ice beneath the snow but what use would that be? Instead I got as far back in the garage as possible and with six feet of secure dry ground I made the quickest start I could and hit the slope as a ballistic missile into the snow storm and just reached the entrance and no more. From there it was slipping and sliding at less than one mph just to survive, thank goodness the rest of the town was still asleep.

I told my passengers not to worry too much about the conditions since my first proper job had been driving Santa's Sleigh! You probably think I am joking but for once I am not!

The 130 mile round trip through falling snow and freezing fog was quite an adventure and with heavy snow forecast for the high ground of my return route I decided not to take advantage of a visit to Edinburgh. The scariest bit of the journey was the last 200 yards especially reversing off the ice into a steep driveway which now had even more snow over the ice so I was thankful that my aim was true and I slithered half out of control back into the garage where the brakes finally worked.

We will have to walk about half a mile to get our Christmas dinner so I hope for a thaw otherwise not going far for the next week!




  1. Now I'm picturing you driving Santa's sleigh - you must tell us about it

  2. LOL
    A Santas sleigh driver!!!
    Did you need a pilots licence???

  3. You do have a slight elfin look about you. Can't tell if your ears are pointy, because they are covered with hair, but I could picture you chauffeuring Santa around on Christmas Eve! I would love to have seen the ballistic missile, roaring out of its silo! lol

    Melissa XX


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