Saturday, 5 December 2009


It has been staring at me for a week now.

A simple questionnaire about my experience of the general practice which I attend for health care. This is not a new problem and is really down to the fact that I read the questions written by highly paid fools and realize that they cannot be answered in a way which is unambiguous because of the way a question was phrased or I just do not fit into ANY of the boxes options. The classic one, and I am sure most of my readers are ahead of me here, is the “M” or “F” box. Most have just been put in by unthinking fools who do not even need to know, It was even on the online guarantee registration for a camera which I purchased even though they first declared that they did not require to know your GENDER! Then they made it a required field to be filled!

Q21 on this questionnaire ABOUT HEALTH CARE asks:-

Are you male or female?

Please tick ONE box only

Exactly as you see it!

They clearly have had or expect people to tick both!

So much for the answer my wife said to give!

What exactly are they asking me here? Was I born with and still have the reproductive apparatus as expected for “M” or “F”? Or, What is your perceived gender expression? Or what?

No doubt the thing will be fed into an automatic reader and all “answers” will be mangled into statistics bent to their will. If I create a third box of my own it will be ignored as will any not of approbation for their gall and stupidity!

Q22 is just age at last birthday, better finish this soon then or I shall gain a year!

Q23 Which of the following options best describes how you think of yourself? Please tick ONE box only.

(Clearly the bold capitalized ONE shows their paranoia )

1 Heterosexual / straight

2 Gay / Lesbian

3 Bisexual

4 Other

There is clearly an attempt to ignore the wide range of human expression here without clearly having the understanding of sex and gender. As a group we will vanish! Will not even register as 0.01 % of the population, we will not exist and how we see ourselves will not be discovered!

On the other hand there are 11 choices for religion and 21 for ethnic group!!!!!

Perhaps I should respond to Q28 Do you need an INTERPRETER or other HELP TO COMMUNICATE?

Please tick ONE box only.


Simply, yes GP service is quite good once you get past the appointment system. Where it goes wrong is when they pass you into next stage of mismanaged health care.

For a year my loverly GP has been trying to get the local teaching hospital to see me about possible HRT and has been messed about like you would not believe possible, they even suggested testosterone! Then after nine months said:- “hey we don’t do that you have to see someone else but luckily they come here for outreach clinics”

This translates into a winter round trip of over 200 miles to a city on the other side of the country to see someone about who knows what in the middle of January. Must be part of a cunning plan to kill us off in winter crashes to further massage the statistics!


  1. Why can't your GP prescribe HRT?

    Melissa XX

  2. I guess at least its a step forward even though its auite a long drive.
    Hopefully it will not be a wasted journey.

  3. These types of questionaires seem to be a good excuse for asking questions which aren't anyone else's business. Unless they need to know that 5.1111% of people who bothered are jewish and from Australia etc.etc.

    ofen they ask 'sex'? I'm always tempted to put 'yes please' or 'no thank you' depanding on mood.

    Good luck with it


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