Monday, 14 December 2009

Strange days

Fooled a lot of friends by deciding to have a party on my two sisters birthday instead of my own the day after. If they had all come then we would have been in trouble, 14 was enough to cater for with the limited resources available at the moment. The parsnip and brussels sprout fest was a great hit and I did not have to have the embarrassment of opening more than a few presents, most had no idea why the event was on since they were not the usual birthday crowd. Having eaten our less rich diet for the past couple of months the rich roast has been a little heavy to deal with, back to soup and beans soon. The largest box of handmade chocolates I have ever seem was produced as my present but they are destined to be handed round to visitors, they certainly liked them last night! Julie seems to have done all her christmas shopping in Royston this year so no surprises if you are on her christmas list.

My real present was long lingering caresses this morning which meant that we got up just in time to go out to lunch. I often wake Julie up with caresses and a cuddle and have been suggesting for about THIRTY years that I was interested to know what being woken up like that would feel like, not exactly quick to take a hint it has take till now for her to give it a try. At least that is what I thought the other day but on mentioning it later discovered that she thought I was awake already!

A drive into the muddy countryside took us to lunch at a country mansion where one of Julie’s committees was having a meeting to discuss the naming and launch of a guided missile destroyer over lunch. Nobody flinched at the appearance of this strange creature with fire red nails. The PR for the builders was a powerful young woman who would not say how much this boat would cost just that it seemed to be the electronics which cost most and £billions seemed to be available for the fleet.

Once she headed for the airport with her project manager we sat round the fire beneath the Tintoretto! For coffee and more general chat then it started to become a bit more surreal as James who’s house we were in and his two naval friends started to compare towns round the world founded by their forebears who all seemed to have been commanding at Trafalgar or Waterloo. Then it turned to reminiscing about when Prince Charles and Diana used to come every year to stay for the polo and the wild parties they had had on the royal yacht or in Buckingham Palace pulling the odd princess out of bed in the middle of the night to go swimming till dawn. Clearly if I had been a tuff military type with aristocratic connections I could have had an interesting time too. No no no, what am I saying, that would have been horrid, my quiet sheltered life has not been too bad thanks.

Visited a glassmaker friend on the way home.She was trying to get a final proposal for a public sculpture commission ready and was glad of someone to bounce ideas off and get awkward questions and a few ideas. As we drove away I said to Julie that this was the sort of thing I used to do all the time when I was reasonably busy as a photographer, 90% was socialising and playing with ideas over a glass of wine or mug of coffee, wee lump in throat for changed times.

Half a dozen friends have dropped in this afternoon and evening, I think word has got out about the chocolates.




  1. Gassing your guests up on Parsnips and Brussel Sprouts, eh? Well, that's one way to liven up a party!

    Long lingering caresses in the morning, is a good sign. Keep up what you are doing. You may seduce Julia into the world of lesbianism yet!

    Well, look at you! Hobnobbing with courtiers! Of course you wouldn't want to be a tough military type, but wouldn't it have been lovely to be a princess, pulled out of bed at 3:00AM to go for a swim?

    I hope your friends saved a few pieces of chocolate for you. Happy birthday, sweetie! May you have many more!

    Melissa XXOO

  2. Hmmm... If Julie couldn't tell you were asleep, you are either a very active sleeper or a quite slothful in your waking hours. Perhaps the sprouts made you seem wakeful?


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