Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Things we do for friends...

Woke to a strange metallic gassy smell in rooms with no gas and it was the wrong smell for the gas supply. It took quite a long time to work out that the camping cooker kept for emergency use was stored in a cupboard and had not been seen for years. It had decided that it’s seal with the gas can was too old to work and just let a whole lot out. Lucky it was far from any source of ignition but it was spreading. I have no idea how long it has been waiting there, at least ten years! From now on this sort of thing is going to be kept in the shed, just don’t know which one!

Last night we were in a time warp as a group of about a dozen carol singers stood on the doorstep in the snow singing their hearts out. I had got word that they were going to be out and about so had phoned in a request for “In the deep midwinter”, Julie’s favourite, I also requested something with a disco beat for me but all they could do was something with a trombone. Never thought I would ever see such a scene ever again and they were such an interesting bunch, as interested in us as we were with them. Naturally it did not cross my mind to have a camera handy, then again some of these sorts of images are etched into the brain better than a photograph.

Have to be up at six to drive a friend and their son and son’s girlfriend to the airport, one which still seems to be open. I have just looked out and the sheet of ice has melted. Fine if it stays that way, hell if it freezes since it is a steep drive out of my garage up to the road which has been a skating rink for days. I have been out for a practice taking broken arm girl to a party, thankfully she got a lift home s that I was able to fully enjoy myself. Tomorrows trip is not an adventure I would have chosen but for a friend...




  1. Are you speaking of a propane camp stove? I've had one for 30 years and it has served me well, not only during my old camping days, but during numerous storms, when the power went out. Mine uses quart sized steel bottles of propane, that screw onto a rubber feed hose with a shut off valve attached. When not in use, I just shut the valve off and unscrew the bottle. The bottles have a very secure internal valve, that only opens when you screw the bottle onto the hose. I've had a half a dozen of them sitting in my cupboard for years. Do I have to worry?

    What a shame, that with a trombonist to accompany your carolers, they couldn't at least give your an Earth, Wind, and Fire tune. "DANCE! Boogie Wonderland!"

    Your friends are lucky to have you Caroline. Drive carefully!

    Melissa XXOO

  2. We had an old gas camping ring thingy for years. In the end I took it too the tip (the man in charge told me where to put it so it was safe, I was terrified of it blowing up. We used it once when we were camping and I let Rob be in chage of it.

    carol singing is something I miss. I remember going out as a group when I was at school, we had someone who played the accordion.

    I hope the weather was kind to you for your trip to the airport

  3. Her is the thrid comment to take the average above 2.6!
    Drive carefully it is still hazadous out there.
    We get carol singers if you could call them that.
    Others would call them chancers. I give them money to keep the quiet!!!

  4. Made it back in one piece, just! 130 mile round trip but to get started I had to fly out of my garage with a 6 foot dry run and shoot up the ski slope to the road. Another 6 inches and I would have slithered back down. Since it was snowing at the time I wondered about getting back! Now I was on the top road with slippy compacted snow on top of ice, thankfully it was so early there was nobody about. Main roads had been gritted and they caught their flight.

    The cooker had gas cans which were screwed into the cooker section and the can got pierced so you could not take it off, rubber seal must have rotted.
    This is too much adventure all at once!

  5. I'm glad to hear that you are safe and sound. I heard that the weather is bad up in Scotland on the radio at lunch time. Hope that you're keeping warm and cosy.


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