Sunday, 28 February 2010


I've been having trouble with my voice, lost all the high notes and sweetness and left with a deep hoarse rattley voice sometimes reducing to a hiss. After a couple of months waiting I got to see someone at ENT, a camera probe went up the nose and down to look at the vocal cords which fortunately were okay but the muscle structure was red and inflamed. It was a surprise to hear that I was being sent to a voice therapist but I guess they knew what they were doing.

Yesterday after another months wait I got to see a marvellous woman are one of our smaller local hospitals. She immediately realised why I was missing my voice, not much guyness left now.

After the previous appointment I had been told I had a silent reflux problem and was given a leaflet on the sort of things I should perhaps avoid. Now it was being explained to me just exactly what the problem is.

Any stomach reflux contains acid and enzymes, if the enzymes reach your vocal chords they find the perfect material to digests! This will make the vocal cords tighten and deepen the voice. She said a deep voice is not what I want! One reflux event will cause damage requiring three days to repair itself.

Naturally there is a huge list of things you should not do. Firstly you should not try to sleep on your right side which of course is a side I want to sleep on! Ideally you should sleep on the back with your head raised.

Certain things should be avoided in your diet like white wine, citrus fruits naturally a favourite of mine! And Coffee. All should be avoided for several hours before sleeping.

The one week I will try hard to follow this regime, thank goodness the Orange season is nearly over, then I get to see her again and she will take some measurements and give me some exercises to work on.

On the bright side she said the voice was within the female range as those much of my voice pattern and presentation and once the reflux is under control she should be able to help me with more and of the voice.

This is what I was really hoping for but could hardly expect, someone who is really sympathetic and not just wanting to get me out of the door. Think I may have landed on my feet this time!

Most of us probably hate the guy we were but here is an interesting perspective from someone who never fails to amaze.

YouTube - A Debt I Owe




  1. What a lovely voice therapist you have got!
    You will have to give me some tips!

  2. That's great news! I'm wondering if I should cut back on coffee and citrus now. Coffee to Tea us no problem but no tangerines? No OJ? No Pineapple or grapefruit? That would be harder to stop.
    Good luck! Would like to hear more as you progress with this.


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