Tuesday, 9 March 2010

another day

I haven't seen my general practitioner for over months now, there is a big toe not seeming quite right I decided it was time to try and get another appointment. This is a sort of initiative test set by the NHS, they say you can telephone that I tried that many times and have never yet managed to get through in the early morning, once the several telephones on redial I managed to try 80 times in 10 minutes and never once got connected, fortunately for me the health centre is in the street where I live so I only have to get up and stand outside the door just before the telephones are switched on. Easy I thought, just set my old PDA to alarm and wake me up quietly, worked like a dream, well nearly it was still set on British summer Time! If you know the time I go to bed normally it will come as no surprise to hear that I rarely wake up so early.

First in the queue and got my appointment to see my cheery GP. It is always a joy to meet her, she greets you like an old friend and now that I stick to just the one GP she knows me and my problems without having to say much. We can get through the work and chat. She finally seems to have got my blood pressure under control we both had a big smile about that it has taken so long. The toe was not feeling quite like it should have been given something to help it along, yet another pill but only for a week. Since it is nearly 4 weeks since I went to the clinic in Glasgow I asked her she had got a letter yet, they told me it would take two or three weeks. She had the report from the first interview that had not heard from the second year and that's the one she needs before she can write me a prescription. She is enthusiastic about the project we are running together so is going to ask them to fax through the letter as soon as possible and try and speed up the sticky patches. It's like trying to wade through treacle, the whole system seems to go at half speed at best while the two of us are trying to get the project on the road. Some promise though so I'm hopeful that I will finally get the patches soon.

Tuesday this cheap at the cinema and since we have the 3-D specs now we decided to go and see Alice in Wonderland. I hated this book when I was a child and could not identify openly with any of the characters. Naturally I wanted to be Alice, the sensible girl! I could not understand all these nonsense characters around her. There are plenty of faults with this film especially the latter part which is a bit too much Lord of the rings battle scenes for me personally but there were plenty of interesting performances to make it entertaining. 3-D seems to be the in vogue thing at the moment but I remain to be convinced that it is not just a new gimmick adding cost and slowing down production.

I did a quick run through all the blogs I'm set to follow, just trying to work out how many had ground to a halt in and remind myself of those who post infrequently. The really strange thing was the number who had chosen exactly the same style as mine, spooky.


  1. I wish I had a friendly GP just down the street to go to, and a female too! I would go much more often. I have to drive 45 miles to a private clinic called Patient First, run by a stupid male doctor, who is so insensitive, that when he diagnosed a very frightened me with diabetes six years ago, and I reached out to shake his hand at the end of our session in thanks, he shook it for a brief second with the most paranoid look on his face, and then very quickly withdrew his hand, and rubbed it on his coat! I felt totally humiliated, and never wanted to go back to him again.

    I have always loved Alice in Wonderland! Especially for it's satirical nature. I think it's one of the most entertaining stories ever written! I am not surprised that the latest film version has included LOR style battles. They must be trying to attract teenage boys to the box office. What a shame that modern films have to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

  2. Melissa, Finding a sympathetic doctor has been key to my recent success, shame that Half the time that she is available is in the next town not just two minutes away!

    I detested doctors so much after bad experiences in the 70's that it is only this century that I have been forced back to seeing them.

  3. My postcard blog has the same style as yours. It seemed to fit the old fashioned image I wanted.

    I'm sorry that your toe is progressing so slowly - I can't believe how difficult comunication is in the UK system. we are trusted to take our results/notes with us.

  4. I am hoping to take the kids to see Alice in wonderland soon.
    I enjoyed Avatar in 3D. It was an amazing visual feast. Hope this is the same.

  5. I see you have been spammed by Chinese pornographers again. You must be getting popular! :-)

    Melissa XX


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