Thursday, 4 March 2010

Big toe

This blog has evolved from an introspective analysis of memory to an online diary like a series of letters telling a friend about my life. It's nice to know that some people are interested enough to follow and even I get a thrill when number goes up. It is small enough group who had the good taste and interest to sign on so when my number drops I am intrigued to see who has disappeared. I have stared at the list for over 10 minutes and I just can't place whose face has gone. Thought mine was one of the cheerier blogs around at the moment, oh well.

Sometimes the world gives you signs. My one real treat is my sauna, something had to hold the wall of the shower and a sauna is what I used! When you've been working in the garden there's nothing better than to warm up the muscles and stretch a little in the heat. The last time I warmed it up the light had gone out by the time it was up to temperature, that didn't faze me because I had to spare bulbs with the strange screw fitting but neither of them worked. I'd never had a session in the sauna in the dark before it was quite interesting, absolutely no distractions, womblike. The mind wandered further wider than usual until the kitchen timer buzzed to tell me I was done, I quite liked it. At some point I was going to need about six weeks without using the sauna, perhaps this was the signal to get on with that project.

Our local health centre likes to do minor surgery, few sadists there I suppose! On Monday I had an appointment first thing in the morning, they asked me what I'd come in for and I said take your pick, since I first asked two years ago several other lumps have arrived but instead of choosing a lump the doctor decided to take off the nail of my big toe. Shame my snapshot camera is so unreliable and I am not carrying it about. I could've taken a whole series of interesting pictures, first it went a kind of purply blue when tied off with a ligature after the deadening injection. Then it was a lovely gory red when he eventually wound nail off like taking the lid off an old sardine tin, he cursed about how tough it was, like a piece of old horn which is why it's given me so much trouble. Yet again some kind of phenol liquid was applied to try and stop it growing again. I'll believe that when I see it, it didn't work last year which was a shame because I quite like not having the toenail and had visions of being able to get my feet into shoes.

So now I have a sauna with no light and the big toe which can't get wet for two weeks. So this was the best time I was ever going to get for my project. Project is properly to bigger description for getting ears pierced but there are six weeks of after care while the first studs are in and being metal would burn the ears in the heat of the sauna.

I had to go back on the second day to have the toe examined and redressed so took advantage of the car being out and went into the city in search of the tattoo and piercing studio which I had looked up on the web, I figured they do this all day everyday so might be better than a jewellery shop, don't want to be tempted by jewellery with my limited budget. Julie went to an art gallery no surprise there and I parked the car near the studio, when I entered the door that made six of us in the waiting area, this was as busy as any shop I've seen in years. I was asked what I was interested in and told it could be done quite quickly, I could queue jump those who are waiting for more complicated things just fill in the form of consent. While I was doing this more and more people kept arriving, some stayed others drifted off saying they'd come back later. A youngish girl came in with her mum, she desperately wanted a navel pierced but was scared of the pain and wanted anaesthetic which was applied and then she was told to come back in quarter of an hour. I didn't have too long to observe the other clientele, my request is obviously going to be the dullest one of the day! In this northern town you don't often find someone who is black with a guy doing the piercing on this day is probably the blackest guy in town and also one of the most charming you could hope to meet. We chatted about what I was after that I really wanted a piercing for dangling earrings, and was a little bit of grumbling about how little earlobe I have two work with but he took his time marking up positions until we were both happy with the placement. I had gone in thinking I would just get the simplest plainest studs to see me through the six weeks but at the last moment in a girly moment my eyes were drawn to a sparkly red thing in a gold setting. He said it was going to hurt a little but briefly but enough that many guys leave with just one! I said anybody that had electrolysis on their top lip was not going to worry about a little hole going through the ear and it was almost nothing. Got my cleaning instructions and a bottle of medicated saline solution and was off to meet Julie in the gallery cafe.

I found her sharing a table with an old friend of hers who had been given early retirement at 50 before the administrators had done their arithmetic and worked out that that was a stupid thing to do. She had been enjoying a life of the last 10 years of freedom, she was there with her friend had just retired as a teacher and made jewellery, she was wearing lots of interesting things so I got chatting! Two more names to go on the dinner party lists!

Three days on and Julie exclaims that one in my ears is red and I have a moment of anxiousness, are not the greatest healer and I have heard that this doesn't always work but soon I realise that Julie hasn't realised that I took the sparkly red option! All I have to do now is find the file which Marie sent about where to buy dangly earrings with cameras for me to wear at my exhibition opening in May.


  1. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I have never had a toenail removed, but I have lost a big toenail because if injury on several occasions. I was eating lunch while reading your post, so thank you for not showing us your operation in graphic detail!

    Julie isn't very observant, is she? :-)

    Camera Earrings

    Melissa XX

  2. Urk....Bleeeaaaaggghhhh!
    *wiping mouth*

    Who needs pictures when you have language? Brought back fond memories of having an ingrown toenail worked on about ten years ago. The part they removed never came back, as promised.

    I've heard that tattoo parlors are the best way to go for piercing, both for experienced help and sterile conditions. One day, one day...

  3. I have also lost someone who follows my blog.
    I cant work out who it is either.

  4. I'm still here! Didn't people in the US used to pay a lot of money to lie in water tanks in the dark as some kind of therapy?

    I had my ears pierced twice by a lovely man who was a jeweller. His assistant nearly fainted because I bled quite a bit. It's not so much painful as incomfortable, if I remember rightly.

    Good excuse to buy some jewelry


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