Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Not many photos recently since our snap machine went into death throes. Taking advantage of the two months of no local tax and the absurdly fast turn over of new models to buy one no longer made at greatly reduced price on the interwebnet. Little did I know that it would have to come all the way from LA! Once the order was processed, one week! the box was in the air and by the wonder interwebnet shopping you could follow it's journey right up to the point where I was woken by the delivery! Nobody delivers that early, must have thrown it out of the plane as it flew overhead to the local office, impressed.

Now just have to figure out how to go it, 158 pages in the book but at least I get a book! I knew I had a memory chip which did not work on the old machine, amazing ow much you can get on one wee chip, if you can find it. Ten minutes was impressive since I expected to give up and only find it when I had bought a new one.

Charged up the battery, poked in the chip, slid across item number 24! to switch it on, waved it around the room then pressed number 23! the shutter release and got a snap. Didn't even have to format the card. Took a second pic of the pattern of my skirt and lo and behold it gets sucked into the Mac without going near the disc they sent. Perhaps I am just being stubborn making old fashioned prints slowly in the darkroom, this is so easy. Now wondering what gems of wisdom are buried in the instruction book that I need to know. Not my best snaps ever but a glimpse of what is hanging on the wall and from my waist. I see from the numbering that they expect me to take ten million less one with this camera, what confidence.


  1. It sounds so easy perhaps I could do that. Nice pics, I love both, can we see a pic of you too?

  2. Anji, if only my arms were longer and I could risk vaseline on the lens.

    Caroline xxx


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