Monday, 8 March 2010

Sore toe and seed

A strange week, the tone seems to dry up and crust over and you think it's healing. At night or if wearing socks I apply a special dressing only to find that it started to ooze again so this is a bit of a curse. Not as much of a curse has the enlarger which has constantly broken down. The light source was supposed to be a computer-controlled colour head except computer bit is now 18 years old and constantly getting into strange modes where it would drive the colour filters drove them to the parking position but would not stop and instead rattled like it was dying, the lamp also refused to come on when instructed or came armed with no colour filters in front of it and was therefore useless. I tried using an independent transformer just for the lamp but somehow the computer managed to switch it off occasionally and not let it switch back on then finally wouldn't work at all! By now I could strip down the entire head as fast as anybody in the world and decided to completely dismantle the whole system and remove anything electronic! From now on we were going back to the dark ages of simple electricity. At last I have a system which seems to work with the simple below lens filters for altering the contrast grades of paper, this is the system I can work with happily so fingers crossed I can now get back to printing some pictures and you can all breathe a sigh of relief that I will no longer have to post boring stuff like this.

Suddenly life has become quite sociable visiting friends for afternoon tea only to stay for a meal with them for someone else on the way home! We visited one such couple who had built themselves a house using a friend recommended as architect, we felt quite bad about this after the suggestion in case it all went wrong, most clients hate their architects by the end of the project that by some miracle these have all remained friends and love their new house while we only got a cup of tea out of this we have an invite to come back for meal when they can round up some more interesting people. Today was just a drive out for morning coffee at the garden centre where I met my young garden help to choose what we were going to grow in the vegetable plot this year, a small fortune was spent as usual but no doubt will repay us handsomely at harvest time. Poor Liz will have to do most of the work this summer while we lounge about in the Mediterranean sunshine.

With the toe throbbing and not too inclined to work long in the darkroom each day so it's good to see that the calendar is fast filling up with lunch parties, I think this is going to be our best week ever, nothing planned for Saturday yet wonder what went wrong! Despite seeing so many people this week nobody has noticed any change to my ears, not sure what to make of this, as they all so unobservant or are they all just wearing the wrong glasses. Even Liz a normally observant 14-year-old teenager sat feet away across the table in the cafe and chatted to 20 minutes and noticed nothing. The sooner I'm able to wear something dangling the better!

I wish this was a bit cheerier, at the moment there seems to be the lowest point of misery for the blogs in the corner of the net where I exist. 20% of them have ground to a halt completely whilst many people are suffering in these harsh times and have nothing cheerful to post about. Even those who are making progress through their transition have encountered more than their fair share of problems and pain. The miserable winter seems to be drawing to an end and the new shoots as usual are poking through last year's dead growth which should have been cleared away! The days are getting brighter and longer even though they are still freezing cold that the promise of spring is definitely there now.

You will be pleased to know that my snapshot camera is as reliable as the enlarging head and only works when it feels like it so there are no pictures of the toe to post to this blog, sorry.


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  2. Maybe it's a good thing your camera is so unreliable. I'm not really sure I want to see your oozing, mutilated toe! :-)

    Melissa XX

  3. I agree. I don't understand how you fixed the problem with it. You're right, not much to blog about and not much time to blog about nothing...

  4. It is amazing how people dont pick up on things.
    In my experiance people see generally what they expect to see, not necasarily what is in front of them.
    Strange really. I guess it shows how complacent people are really.


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