Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A week in a flash

The world is getting back into it’s normal routines, mine is not to have one! These cold dark mornings offer no incentive to be up and about so we live late into the night and laze about listening to the morning radio programmes often until, well best not say. This will change as the year heats up.

The alarm went at 7:30 today so we are now at mid morning wandering about shell shocked zombies but it had to be done to be available for the insurance assessor at 8am. No problems about the claim, the first in 60 years! In the end we will have a better wall than we ever had since so much more well have to be removed to ensure strength but no indication when it can be done. I just want to placate the neighbour even though he did not maintain the wall from his side at all! Our side will soon be hidden by a holly hedge to form a wind break since this is the lowest part of the wall round the garden. We are enjoying the free use of his security light when using the drive at night but that will not last when the hedge grows.

You certainly loose a lot of muscle power with the change so though I am still quite strong for a girl I am weak as a kitten compared to my past life but it is difficult for people to take this on board because they are such poor observers. The two day clear up exhausted me and had muscles aching which I did not know I had. Along soak in a hot bath with salts seemed like a good idea and seemed to help but I nearly did not manage to get myself out! Just about back to normal now but was tested yesterday when visiting friends we were sharing the purchase of a deer with, it had been resting in their freezer for a week while we ate as much from our small freeze section to make room. Liz was getting ready for decorators but one screw was stuck and she watched in fascination as I struggled to shift what she knows would have been a breeze in the past.

With the chaos of the clear up we forgot to do any Easter plans but lucked out on some last minute invitations. The friends with the wood burning stove returned to my message for chain saw help, they had been away at their highland home burning some of my last delivery of logs! They made two trips with their truck to remove the tree bits then asked what we were up to that evening, an impromptu easter roast feast was rustled up for us so we took an excellent bottle of red wine and we got toasted round the fire of last years logs.

My old friend M had his daughter visiting from Germany where she works now so we were invited for a brunch or breakfast as we would call it! A big crowd turned up for this egg based feast. The germans are keen on dying hard boiled eggs so there were many coloured duck eggs and a perfect frittata. Hams and cheeses and hot crossed buns followed then a wicker basket loaded with small chocolate and nougat eggs. Restraint was required! Everyone seems to have accepted the studs in the ears without comment! Word is out that I want cameras dangling from the ears for the opening of my show, time I made some effort to get some, postage from the US will be the largest part of the cost, little seems to be available on this side of the Atlantic.

Lucy may have been their baby but she grew up with me around and we have always been friends though sometimes a “fathers day” card would pop through the letter box! We spent most of the time swopping music, her father has jazz blinkers on and has never been on the same wavelength as his kids especially about music. He was non too pleased when his son bought some really nice speakers to play his (our) rock music and I showed him how the base could be made more solid by adding weight to the cabinet, I cut up loads of scrap lead from the roof repairs to add about 30 lbs to each speaker to anchor them to the ground then he was able to shake the house with Pink Floyd and Hendrix. Like me Lucy is totally eclectic and she keeps me fairly up to date. She will be flying down to France for my exhibition at the end of May and knows that she can make playlists for the restaurant music system if she wishes.

Getting down to practical presentation work now the printing has been done is the order of the day, a few experiments and I will know exactly what needs to be done.

Nearly three weeks into the HRT and there are signs of something happening. The emotions seem a little more sensitive and there is a slight soreness round the nipple areas. It is a low dose to start so don’t expect dramatic changes so soon but seems to be doing something. The hot flushes have not disappeared but do seem to have reduced in frequency and intensity and will not be missed if they go completely!


  1. Glad to see you are doing well on the hormones.
    I may be on line later if you are around?

  2. Even a low dose of HRT is enough to get you started, it just will not finish the job. After almost 7 months now I have noticed a LOT of loss body strength. I am emptying my attic and most of the boxes I cannot bring down full. I have no idea how they ever got up there in the first place.

  3. I'm here now. My LJ posts are mostly all public so you can still visit me there. Meanwhile... keep on keepin' on.


  4. I found the hot flushes useful when it was really cold - it would have helped if I could have controlled when I had them.

  5. Anji, if I had been n control of the house thermostat the bills would be a lot lower!

    I have not found my thermal vests but even through this bad winter have not needed them, better keep eye out for them for next though! Will I miss them if they go away?

  6. You now have the honour of being on my bookmarks bar in firefox. This honour is only reserved for the most deserving!

    Has your sense of smell and taste changed yet? I also found my sense of touch increased dramatically when I started hormones.

    Pity it didnt help my hearing though, as I still struggle hearing Suzy quite often and it really annoys her when I have to ask her to repeat herself more than once!

  7. I am honoured Caroline. Sense of smell not noticeably different yet but my actual smell has changed!

    What did you say about Suzy, I didn't quite hear.

  8. Ladies, just a gentle reminder, that one should be aware of one's medical history for breast cancer. Just how prevalent in one's family should have us mindful to watch for lumps in the breast that might be cancer. It happened to me. I knew my mother had breast cancer, but it was only after I was diagnosed I learned that two of my sister have had to deal with the same form. It's rare to develop breast cancer, but it is a real possibility. So just be aware and begin doing self-breast exams after 6 months or so.
    It can happen. My hormone receptors tested positive for estrogen, so I had to stop all hormone therapy, but that didn't stop my transition.

    Sarah the other Auntee

  9. You do need to post a picture of those dangling cameras, Caroline.

    @Sarah - I do hope all is OK with you.

    Calie xxx


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