Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Final rays on the beach

One day sick as a dog, next good as new.

All the signs of summer are starting just as we are about to leave. Julie is delighted because she looses energy in the heat while I love to bake like a lizard.

A group of Americans came to the restaurant in the morning for a cooking class and we joined them for a long lazy lunch to eat all that they had prepared. I am going to miss these spontaneous surprise gatherings.

Last chance to visit the paradise beach so I took it. Must have set a record time for the walk because the iPod was set to an album by the Killers with a driving beat. Along lazy float in the sea, much easier with my larger behind, was followed by soaking up the late afternoon rays and a little exercise helping the lifeguards get their boat up the beach, you never know when you might need them. Then someone came over and tried very hard to chat me up! Flattering in a way but I had to let them down gently with persistent firm refusals, he finally left with disappointment in his voice, quite a cute guy as guys go. For a while there I was wondering what I would have done if it had been the right kind of woman in that situation. Probably the same answer, partly because not having any practice this century out of practice hardly starts to describe my condition.

Just time to get back for a quick shower before the local people who had pictures to collect came for a meal. What else?!

Midnight and the last have just gone home. All that remains is to spend some of the proceeds on a few cases of wine, throw everything else on top and head off north towards Conques.

May not be connected for a while...


  1. I'm with you -- I loves to bake! I'm a lot more careful about sun exposure than I used to be, but I still love the warmth.

    As for the cute guy, well...I'll trade places with you. ;-)

  2. If you like to bake, you should be here now. It reached 98°F today! I think that would be 36.6° the way the rest of the world reads temperature.

    Didn't some young guy try to chat you up on the beach last year too? Young men, furry creatures........what are you doing to attract all of these amorous advances???

    Melissa XX

  3. This has been the story of my life, no tears please, with only two exceptions al the interest I have ever generated has been of NO possible interest to meI think I am cursed

    Full marks Melissa. I did post that two guys tried it on together again just before I left last year and that time I wasn't even naked! *


    * (with sun protection and out of the heat of the day)

  4. The summer does seem to have arrived this week. It's hot and sunny here and I'm sweating over a hot computer!

    I stay out of the very hot sun, but I love the warmth of the early morning.

    Have a safe journey home.

  5. You are a right tart Caroline !! LOL
    How wonderful is that. :- )

    Actually I would have loved to be in a cooking class over there. Next year maybe?

    Have a safe trip back.


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