Monday, 28 June 2010

Journeys end.

I am sorry I have been such poor value of late. I wrote loads then found the connections failed when away or the post became so out of date when a connection was found! So much for wi-fi when out and about.

We are home now and when the weeds have been tamed normal service shall be resumed.


  1. You have to set your priorities. Go tame the weeds, the world will wait. Welcome home (from afar).

  2. Welcome home! I imagine the weeds missed you. :)

  3. After being away for as long as you have, I imagine it will take a few days to reorient yourselves to home life. Say, wasn't your neighbor girl supposed to look after your garden while you were away? Welcome home!

    Melissa XX

  4. You could come and take care of mine too! Oh, the little things that remind us we are home.

  5. my dear Caroline
    You are never poor value, always a pleasure to read your blogs, and yes they are missed while you are on the road, you have a right to a holiday......... just dont do it to often ...:-)

    lucy & smudge


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