Monday, 14 June 2010

More hot girls!

A jet is on final approach back in the UK as I type. With a heavy heart I gave Lisa and Lucy a final hug as they were the last to pass the departure gate at our tiny “international” airport.

The inaugural Hot Girl support group meeting here in France has been a 72 hour whirlwind success. Even though we had never all met except on line it was not long before the word “next” was regularly being used!

Their seamless acceptance as the feisty girls they are was a joy to see.

The weather here has been changeable to say the least! I had arrived to collect them from the airport carrying an umbrella but by the time I found them waiting for their luggage it had started to clear. Seconds after we closed the car doors to set off back to the airport, only minutes after sitting outside to eat a meal on the restaurant terrace, it started to rain and hours latter it has become a settled steady drenching. Talk about “window of opportunity’! Sadness of departure was also lessened with this change. Snails are streaking across the sodden terrace, I think Lucy was a little disappointed not to eat frogs legs or snails.

What started as a spontaneous idea when we set up a three way chat late one night. Lisa said to me that it would not be too long before I would be setting off to France to set up my exhibition, the months were clicking by quickly, suddenly there was the question, “can we come?”, how could I say no to such an idea and ticket prices were checked while we chatted and were purchased not long after before anyone could change their mind!

I am going to leave it for the others to post their honest opinions of how the trip went so all I am going to say is that it was priceless to have two others arrive and just be!

The ever changing fashion parade was a joy to see and there were many trips out to shop in Perpignan, visit cute costal towns or cavort on the beach, interspersed with countless meals, especially that at the fish restaurant rebuilt each year on piles on a deserted beach practically in the sea. We posed for several photographs to prove that we actually got together.

To have those here see that we are just getting on with our lives with no fuss while willing to have conversations to answer any questions anyone might have has been priceless.

While the three girls may not have been quite as hot as you would expect at this time of year we had a near perfect compromise of temperatures to suit us all.

Till “next” year...


  1. Glad you all had a great time!

  2. I will write my blog this week
    I had a fantastic time and you are a lovely woman, a good friend and a lovely human being

    so glad I meet you and roll on August!

  3. Happy to hear the girls made it there and back safely, and that you all had such a wonderful time! It may have been for just for a weekend, but I'm sure you will all have warm memories to last a lifetime! BTW, I love the pic of Lucy and Lisa!

    If Lucy has ever tasted butter and garlic, then she really didn't miss a thing, by not eating snails. Snails are OK, but as far as I'm concerned, butter and garlic is pretty much all that they taste like, but frog legs are another story! Sort of like chicken, but much better! Delicious! Is there a season for frog legs in France?

    Melissa XX

  4. It's wonderful that the three of you were able to get together and have such a good visit. It reminds me that I need to do something about getting my passport. Mine has been expired for a couple years now so I will have to start over from scratch.

    I am finding that "just getting on with our lives with no fuss" is a much more pleasant manner in which to live. I can get used to no drama.

    And unlike Melissa I can personally pass on the frog legs. Give me chicken wings any day, much less work and more meat!

  5. How wonderful it is to be with good friends. I'm just now settling down to catch up on posts. I always love your pictures, Caroline.

    Glad everyone had a great time. It just warms my heart to see you three off on an adventure like this one.

    Calie xxx


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