Tuesday, 8 June 2010

cherries and potatoes

Violet potatoes just for Anji and Cherry festival Ceret

I am being absolutely rotten value for money at the moment. All that I have tapped out has been rubbish or got deleted by accident! The upload of a video of my exhibition chugged on into the night then failed!

A few interesting moments this last wee while:-

A mothers day card from my friends daughter now in her twenties who chose me as a reserve incase of disaster and used to send fathers day cards. A bangle stating the intensity of her adoration was a bonus

A slinky Goddess statuette as a present from Babette who has been calling me by her version of my old name for years, she was thrilled when I said that it would probably be my official name even though Caroline has been with me for most of my life. Friends were a little surprised when this woman came to visit while we were hanging the show and embraced me so passionately.

Presented with a bouquet of flowers at the exhibition opening, a definite first.

Bonjour Mesdames when we went to buy a box of cherries at the festival.

Visiting an art museum and seeing sketch books of mainly naked sunbathers on the beach caused such a yearning to join them I rushed off to my favourite beach as soon as we got home to even up my pale tan. Interestingly a few years ago it was the place I was most happy but now part way on the journey I am even happier there in my strange in-between state and no one seems to notice or care.

We have one of the few cars with any colour, I parked it as far away from crazy drivers as possible but still some halfwitted driver of a silver car scraped the front while I was in a shop. Only twenty million suspects then!

Must have done other things but like today it is mainly oysters for lunch on the coast and a swim the back home to eat and drink with whoever drops by but even we don’t eat as well as my sister in law’s dogs who got foie gras last night.

Strange weather, usually warm but occasionally a bit wet and windy but not like the rest of the country. Julie cheers when the forecast is cooler. Warmer weather is increasing the numbers of visitors to my beach day by day.

This is a strange in between time where my old name is on the poster as organised a year ago. Some know about the change and others don’t, why should I have to tell? Names and pronouns have been all over the place especially when the friends and family were here but I am not stressing out about it. The next visit will be interesting to see what happens with a bit more of a physical change mixed in and a bit of time for folk to have absorbed what I have known for a lifetime and I have suddenly sprung upon them.

More visitors on their way, three days and counting! That should provoke an interesting post.


  1. What a great post.
    It has a huge smile on my face to see what a wonderful reception you are getting.
    Cant wait to come. I will start packing tomorrow evening. I am worried about the weight limit as I am coming for 4 days and 3 nights. A combined 25Kg will not be enough!
    I am detoxing at the moment now preparing my liver for a bashing LOL

  2. Do your best to give Lisa's liver a good bashing when she gets there, but don't you dare take that sweet innocent girl to your nude beach! If she's anything like me, she would be mortified! Some of us girls, aren't quite as racy as you. ;-)

    How lovely that your status as godfather, has been switched to godmother! And a Bangle too?
    What a sweet child!

    I do love the pics! I so glad you are having a good time!

    Melissa XX

  3. Violet potatoes........are they boiled in wine to get the that purple color?

    Melissa XX

  4. I love the violet potatoes. I've never seen them before. I'll be looking out for them now. This year's Ile de RĂ© potatoes are to die for - perfect.

    What a wonderful God daughter you have.

    Lovely picture of you, you look so happy!

  5. The previous post had a picture of the box the violet potatoes came in and unlike many coloured potatoes they retain their colour once cooked. Sweet, earthy slightly waxy gorgeous.


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