Saturday, 3 July 2010

What goes in must come out.

Eight thirty am and already I have been working in the garden and have caught up on net friends, my internal clock is showing sympathy with my bedside clock and is broken.

I am not a fan of s***. If proof of the no existence of a wise and caring god this stuff has to be it. There are animals which eliminate clean hard pellets of both solid and liquid waste and recycle the water with great efficiency but not us! I will not even go into the pleasure park next to the toxic dump planning error, even I have occasionally used the park but…

Where m I going with this loverly subject? Well every two years it is necessary to get up front and personal with the stuff! One of the “joys” of living in range of a teaching hospital is that you get involved with extra audience if you go in to be examined for anything and you get asked to get involved in research. One such project is screening for bowel cancer early signs by home testing. We got involved with this from the start and it is being rolled out nationwide now. In the first trial a friend got called in for a further test and was found to have an advanced tumor which if they had not found it then would have certainly killed him! When the tv reported on the introduction of the test he was dragged out as a perfect example of what it could do to save a life though what the audience made of someone so educated and eloquent being interviewed I have no idea, to this day he is in a league of his own several divisions above those normally seen on our screens!

Thank goodness our diet has been mostly vegetarian since we returned! Six samples need to be taken over a short period then posted (in well sealed plastic envelope) for analysis, oh what joy. No doubt there are some who receive great pleasure from dealing with this stuff but sadly it just spoils my day!

Small price to pay if it saves a life.

On a brighter note for those who ride bikes, the tour de France starts today. I know it is supposed to be a sport and I hate sport and competitiveness but it has bikes being ridden through wonderful landscape so is really just a travelogue! Enjoy.


  1. I'm glad someone else sees the Tour coverage as an unfolding panorama of the French countryside rather than just a sporting event.

  2. Jenny, I bet you are just jealous of those motorbike riders who got to play on roads with no oncoming traffic.

  3. I'm far more jealous of the drivers of the sponsors vans. Who wouldn't want to go to work in a Renault Trafic remodeled to look like a toothpaste tube!

  4. Yuck about the poo! Yay about the tour!

    Melissa XX

  5. At least you're doing the poo dip only every two years. My new GP wants me to do it every year! Ah, the joys of being over 50. I have an order form, and I haven't pushed myself yet to go to the lab nearby to get the kit. But I must.

    Could be worse. In the States, with private insurance, doctors are much quicker to order a colonoscopy. There are plenty of times when I appreciate our way of doing medicine on the cheap, when possible.

  6. @ Veronica

    In the States, because of our private insurance system, medical care has evolved into a racket. Doctors push unnecessary procedures, like colonoscopies, to help out their specialist colleagues, and unnecessary drugs, to pay back the drug companies, for paying for their vacations, Ironically, it's quite sickening.

    Melissa XX

  7. hi Caroline
    I am glad you do get checked out
    as someone who had a stoma op at 16, and as you know my bowel cancer history you can never be to carefull.

    Since 16 and having a stoma bag, I got to be a expert on s*** lol

  8. I have been somewhat suspicious of non English comments in the past because of certain problems others had encountered. A session with the mac translation widget has shown that several readers have found the blog in china. The translation lacks accuracy but seems to be honest.

    We are lucky in the UK to have health care mostly removed from the need to siphon off all available funds from a patient as part of the "cure". It may not be perfect but generally works.

    Self test over for another two years, now the only mess I have to deal with is the muck and dust from window replacement!


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