Friday, 9 July 2010

Work work work

Ten days back from our trip now and there has hardly been any time to catch up on others posts let alone write anything.
The broken garden wall which we had expected to be repaired while we were away had not been started when we returned except for a visit to drag the final remains of the rose hedge onto the driveway so that we could not get in! I was woken the first morning with a call to say we start in half an hour, let us in so we don’t have to climb the walls.
Once I had cut up the old rose I set to on the garden which had mostly been neglected while we were away. Someone had come twice to cut our small patch of green, I will not even call it grass let alone lawn. Shaded as it is most of the year it is mostly moss but to have it neat on arrival and to have my offer of payment refused, someone is going to be getting fruit soon if they want it or not!
Liz , my veg garden help got her family involved since it was so dry. All the area we had sown and planted was quite neat and tidy and her passion for the rhubarb showed by the very small plants left! Sadly they did not see or care about the tall weeds around the veg area! Still can’t complain, I have returned from shorter trips before to find that the whole garden was two feet deep in weeds and all that I wanted was lost or eaten by slugs.
No sooner were the wall builders gone when the window replacers arrived for three days. I really should have worked out the logistics of clearing room in seven different places and protecting things from the likely dust. It was windy and with their liking of a permanently open front door hundred year old muck and dust got everywhere, I doubt I shall ever find it all. First our vacuum cleaner gave up and died before it even had a chance to work out just how hard I was going to drive it. Then friends who I called and demanded a dinner invite from lent us their”upstairs” bagless machine it died almost as soon as I started the next day, the fuse was changed and off it went only to die again when asked to work a bit harder! At this point I wished I had use of a good curse and abandoned the whole job in disgust. A day later, with little hope of success I switched it on and it burst into life. Closer inspection showed that it had two replaceable filters, both well clogged up. Throw them away and you have no idea how these machines can suck! So I am back on track and hope to have the place back to habitable in a couple of days.
Julie hardly cares or notices much of this except when she occasionally comes out of the office to let the computer cool while she has a tea break. Thankfully that room was cleaned before all the breakdowns. Her project hardly leaves me much playtime on the machine so waking at six has let me catch up a bit with the wider world.
While working my mind has been racing to make sense of where I am now and hope to get back to real posting I the near very future. Watch this space.


  1. and they say installing "windows" is easy! Look forward to the next post.

  2. Sounds like you could use a Shop-Vac. They are very good for sucking up wet or dry messes. I'm sure you will love your new windows, even though your house is probably a mess right now because of their installation. You should notice a significant reduction in your heating bill next winter.

    My mother lives on the 10th floor of a high rise apartment building. A couple of summers ago, the building had all of its hundreds of early 1950's aluminum framed picture windows replaced. Each picture window had a small crank out window on each side for ventilation, and they had become worn and loose from age. The seal around the large picture windows had dry rotted too, so when the wind blew, the windows would rattle, and when Hurricane Isabel came through blowing 74 MPH gusts from the northeast, the rain just poured through them. Mom had to have the parquet flooring under the window in her dining room replaced. The entire building now has lovely new white framed windows, with sliding ventilation windows on each side, that seal nice and tight when shut. The contractor had to install scaffolding all the way to the top of the 12 story roof on all sides of the "Y" shaped building, and it took all summer long to install all of the windows. The price tag was well over a million dollars. Fortunately Mom was only assessed a small fraction of that total, for her five windows.

    Melissa XX

  3. Construction hell! Glad you have got through it. Hope everything feels normal again soon!

  4. Seen like a few people are having work done on their home, we just had some boards replaced and the whole house repainted with new roof. Looks soooo much better now. Could use new window and the ones in the older part of the house has been painted shut after so many repaints. Broke several tools trying to get just one window unstuck that I gave up.

    Enjoy the improvements!

  5. Melissa,

    Now that sounds like an interesting viewpoint, does the camera still work?

    Like the sound of the VAC, my birthday is in December!


    Installing windows only took one click of the mouse! Nearly emptied our account though!!


    What a difference, water and windproof windows, keep thinking they have forgotten to put in the glass the are so clear and bright. Held up a shard of the old glass and it was dark and grey. Just testing them with a day of rain.

    With clean white framed windows we no longer look like the spooky house from Psycho.


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