Monday, 16 August 2010

A long strange week.

This week I was told that I was really attractive by a close girlfriend while her husband sat just feet away! This makes her the third woman to say this to me in this lifetime so once every twenty years. That has improved my statistics tremendously! The real pity of course is that she was referring to my old self when she thought that I was a sort of guy, strange because we had spent a lot of time together over the years and our conversations were girl conversations. Anyway they now know the real situation which was accepted with a little surprise but caused not much interruption to the conversation before it wandered off into other subjects.
The oldest remaining of my wife’s family members finally died this week after watching himself decline over a number of years. We had become great friends in the three decades I had known him and we often spoke about this human deterioration project, nobody else seemed interested. This guy was something of a genius polymath and had been an eminent doctor at one time involved with the earliest attempts at dialysis he was in charge of the only working model in the world. Later his interest moved into hearts and early implanting of stents in the blood stream. Just last week we were speaking about the aging process and he agreed that it was a mistake not to have written a book about his personal journey towards death. I knew he did not have long left when he handed back mu iPod which I had loaded with university lectures on European history from the renaissance to the present day from iTunes since his eyesight had got so bad reading had become almost impossible. I know a little about everything but not enough about anything so we had spoken on a wider range of topics than with anyone else I know, he was eager to gain my knowledge of subjects which had passed him by but I had encountered, I even occasionally filled in the last gaps in his Times crossword if more popular culture was involved! Just wondering if the Queen will send a message to the family, he was her doctor for a long time.
Looks like we are going to get our forth summers day in a row, time to leave you and get some use of it. Below is some of the bits which I had been writing earlier in the week but never finished because everything became so hectic, must be some interest in there, what a week.
Our summer continues to be cold and very wet, naturally the newspaper I caught a glance of last week claims that it is the warmest summer for ages, please explain why the heating has to come on in the evening and I am wearing a polo neck top to go out to an arts festival today. Could not go yesterday because of the “heavy” rain!
Woke to the opportunity to get a warm cuddle and mentioned that today was a special day, no I was not in that kind of mood, it really is a special day. Is it replied the heartless creature who proposed marriage to me half a lifetime ago! She is still on a course of antibiotics for a dental problem so no Champagne but a box of fancy chocolates have fallen through the letter box so all is well.
Strangely I have done two very small photographic jobs in the last week which has had my brain trying to remember how the photo program works, The last paying job was at new year!
A fortune has been paid out this week to replace a timing belt on our wee car, what used to be a half hour added to the service when we first bought this model thirty years ago has become a half day job! How does this square with being kind to the planet? Every owner is going to have to find a small fortune by causing a lot of unnecessary damage to the planet just to pay for these design flaws, other cars can be worse than ours. Do the maths, number of cars multiplied by £400 / $600 and you have the GDP of many countries for something which has been designed into cars as a known fault.
Going to have to live off beans and rice for a couple of months to help pay for this and there are things like tyres which I soon need to buy!
We have made a few cultural trips out with friends helping spread my good news, nothing but support so far from everyone we tell. I met a painter, Morag, with whom I shared a gallery show last year. She greeted me with “ you’re looking a bit exotic”! as we embraced, once I told her why the embraces got even warmer as I was accepted into the club.


  1. By coincidence the rubber band on the Turbocharged Rollerskate is being replaced this week as well. I rationalise it thus: the Rollerskate's ancestor did 30 miles to the gallon of petrol. I had one and it was a great car. The Rollerskate by comparison does 65 miles to a gallon of diesel so for my mileage saves a lot more for both my wallet and the environment for the inconvenience of the extra cost when replacing its belt.

  2. hmm, no comment :-) -I got a set of new tyres courtesy of Ebay for *coughcough* pounds.... of my fave greetings from Back Then was an old friend who did a double take, and said "You're wearing earrings, y'big girl's blouse".
    "There's a reason for that," I said...

  3. I'm no mechanic, so I will never understand the logic of replacing timing chains on automobile engines with rubber belts, but it seems that most smaller cars today have belts vs chains. I understand that if they break, they screw things up so badly, that you wind up with a really expensive engine repair.

    So sorry to hear about the passing of your old friend. It sounds as though he left his mark on this world. Good for him.

    Exotic indeed! That sounds like one of those priceless moment you'll never want to forget.

    Melissa XX

  4. Sorry to hear about your relative. Please pass Julie my best wishes.

    You are right you do know something about everything. Every time I meet you I learn something interesting and new. :-D

    It is so wonderful that your friends and everyone you see are so supportive. I think that is a testament to you!

  5. It sounds as if you have lost a good friend, I'm sorry to read about that.

    We are all wondering where this summer got to. Perhaps a good autumn will be our reward.

    Congratulations to you both on your anniversary

  6. So sorry to hear about your family loss, Caroline.

    And, so happy to see that you two are still together to celebrate that special moment!

    Calie xxx


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