Saturday, 7 August 2010

Welcome to Laura.

Greeting Lisa when she visited this week was painful! Doubly painful actually when we hugged! Think she was a little envious since in this barbaric country you will not be prescribed hormones until you go full time, everywhere but work does not count for anything and as you can imagine if you have a face to face job with clients that is just stupid of the so called “health service”! Rant over.
Still meeting those in my far flung circle who get told face to face, one alpha male type who I was uncertain about was perfectly ok if a little confused till his wife gave him a quick tutorial on words beginning with T. I never use them since any word with xse in it fries most people's brains at least temporally.
I am a big girl to say the least and used to worry about being convincing but today I had evidence that there is hope. Someone came to check on the work done rebuilding our storm damaged garden wall. He was greeted at the front door by me dressed in rags hair tied back since I had been cleaning and varnishing a floor. “Good afternoon miss, are you the person dealing with this claim?” “Err, no but I can show you the wall” I said and lead him out to the garden and we chatted about the fun the guys had building in stone rather than blocks, he saw Julie coming out of the back door and said he would now deal with my mum! Oooops, she is only a few years older than me and in very good condition. I left to prepare lunch and as he passed on the way out he made a point of saying goodbye in a very deferential way that women often get. I know that my confidence has increased dramatically from a position where I already thought I was confident, guess there is not much further to go in that department really.
It was marvelous seeing Lisa again, she too has gained in her confidence, everyone in France thought she had probably transitioned, that is just not fair for us big girls.
Just out of the sauna where I can admire my new bumps, just stuck on the last of the three month supply at my highest dose, I fully endorse this product!


  1. It was great to see you and Julie.
    I really enjoyed the night. :-)

    I am not surprised you were mistaken at all. Your hair is looking great with both the cut and colour and the effect of the hormones has been great in softening the features. You look really well.

    Thank you both again for the hsopitality, it was so nice to see you again.

    Big hug.

  2. Glad to hear you had this affirming experience. Really, we can never get enough of them!


  3. Caroline,

    Oh, how I adore you! You have the most wonderful sense of humor! When I read some of your posts, I just laugh, and laugh!

    Lisa sweetie, you couldn't have made a better friend than Caroline! She is the real deal!

    Love to you both!
    Melissa XX

  4. Laura?

    Ouch for Julie, but very nice for you. :) It's your new norm!


  5. Laura is my latest follower, just being polite and welcoming.

    Hi to all my loyal commentators.

    Caroline xxx

  6. lol!!!

    Thanks, Veronica, I was wondering the same thing and read Caroline's post over again trying to figure out where Laura came into it.

    I love it when trans folks can meet each other. It was my pleasure to meet Anne, one of the T-Central guest authors, last weekend. You're so lucky to have someone like Lisa around.

    Calie xxx


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