Friday, 15 October 2010

House burning down.

There is a question often asked in interviews, “ what would you grab as you left a burning home?”
Hard question to answer, I like many of my possessions but few are irreplaceable  beyond the content of the computer and more of that is now safely stored in several places. In the past it could have been a favoured camera but the digital age is not one of desirable image making machines to covet and cosset once obtained so I don’t have anything like that any more but I do have something to grab!
My new passport arrived today, picture is not too badly messed about by their cheap scanner and it has Ms C… printed for the world to see. Reassignment  of Identity Documentation or RID as we shall have to call it in the age of the acronym. Due to RID I am finally rid of my false cover.
How can anyone understand what it has been like to live a life using false documents like an alien spy wondering when someone will notice and your world fall in? I have had passports since 1967 and crossing international borders always caused anxiety since surely these professional fraud spotters are going to have their doubts and they often did hold us up for far longer than other travellers, once so long the line of drivers behind us wanting to catch a ferry started sounding their horns at the immigration control! This was the first ferry for about six weeks after a strike!
So I have an true identity at last and the document to back it up, in a country which hates the idea of identity cards I love the fact that documentation finally matches my true self and I would certainly grab it long before anything else.


  1. Congratulations on the new identity. You knew what it was for so long, but it's nice to look at the card with the name and all. :)

  2. Congratulations - peace at the ports at last.

    I think I wouldn't bother to grab anything, whatever I chose on the spur of the moment would no doubt be wrong in the years of reflection that followed.

  3. I'm so happy for you on the passport. I cried when mine came. It was, as you say, so good to have a proper ID in the right name.

    As to the burning house, it would be handbag, PC and teddy bear. I'd almost certainly be able to drive Fiona clear of the flames, and might have time to get the caravan out of danger too. But the first three are the essential things. The handbag contains purse, PDA, camera and phone. The PC (the hard disk bit - I'd abandon the screen and peripherals) contains my cherished photos. Teddy Tinkoes is the main tangible link with my poor lost childhood. Maybe if pushed I'd just take handbag and bear. Or just the bear.


  4. Congratulations! Hope you can head to France or somewhere before too long to give your new passport a workout. With no anxiety!

  5. Congratulations! No more long scrutinizing looks, at airline terminals and boarder crossings. And of course there is the simple joy, of finally being official recognized as the person, that you've always known yourself to be!

    Melissa XX

  6. Congratulations Caroline. I am sure with your talent in taking photographs, your picture is millions of times better than mine! (To be honest my passport picture is truly awful. I look like I am from Mars or something. At least there is a hint that I am a female Alien I guess!!)


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