Thursday, 9 December 2010

Break out tomorrow!

The low road here has sort of been cleared, shame the huge piles of ice now block the drainage channels and drain covers!

Hairdressing appointment so will get out onto top road and slither down to the main road, which is now fairly clear, to the next town along the river come what may!

Have to arrive with hairy chin and lip since could not get to electrolysis on Monday and have afternoon time slot arranged.

Not much getting through to the supermarkets in the city according to the news since the east west motorway has been closed for two days and others difficult to pass, fuel has run out of many petrol stations and only now starting to get through again.

Naturally I have a GIC appointment in less than two weeks on the other side of the country!


  1. I read today, that Scotland has had to call on the Army to help clear the roads of all of the snow! Maybe Halle can send you a pair of snow shoes from Canada, to get to your appointments! We've been in the deep freeze here for the past week. It went down to 12°F/-11°C last night. After a slight warm up this coming weekend, we will plunge back into the freezer again next week. We're just very lucky no major storms have coincided with the cold, or we too would be knee deep in snow. At least you can be assured of a white....or........maybe a dirty gray Christmas!

    Wishing you an early spring!
    Melissa XOXO

  2. Hi Caroline, I am sitting looking out of the window in Edinburgh and there is a huge thaw so I guess that it will be the same around the Tay estuary. Good luck in getting out and about and keeping those appointments.

  3. I can't help wondering where all the water will go when it starts to thaw. Hope you got there and back safely.

  4. Good luck on your travels....hope you get beyond your drive! With the speed of the thaw you might need a canoe!


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